Trash & Recycling FAQs

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  • Can I get a refrigerator, freezer, or window air conditioning unit collected with bulk items?

  • How do I get a new recycle bin?

  • How do I set up trash service?

  • What day is my trash collected?

  • What day is my recycling collected?

  • When does my yard waste get picked up?

  • Where can I get a "Yard Waste" or "Recycling" sticker?

  • What service should I use - yard waste pickup or brush collection?

  • I live in an apartment complex that doesn't have recycling service - can I still recycle?

  • I saw the CSI truck go by this morning but they didn't pick up my yard waste/recycling - why?

  • Can I get free mulch from the Town of Leesburg from the brush collection?

  • I see the crews throw all my recycling in the back of the truck together. Does my recycling really get recycled?

  • Does the Town have a location where I can take material to be shredded year-round?

  • Does the Town have a trash drop-off center where I can take extra trash?

  • How do I request bulk pickup?