Trash & Recycling FAQs

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  • What are my trash, recycling and yard waste collection days?

  • When do I get my new toters for trash and recycling?

  • What if I’m on vacation when you deliver my new toters?

  • Do I have to use the new toters?

  • I already have a lidded toter, can I just use that?

  • What do I do with my old trash cans?

  • The new toters won’t fit in my garage or I don’t have a garage. Where I am supposed to store them?

  • What if I have more trash than fits in the toters?

  • If I can put extra bags next to the toters, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the toters? Why can't I just put out bags of trash or use my old containers?

  • What happens if my toter goes missing or is damaged? Will you replace it?

  • Can I write my house number on my toters so I know which ones are mine?

  • Why are single family homes and townhomes receiving different size toters?

  • I live in a single family home. Can I get 64-gallon toters rather than 96-gallon toters?

  • I live in a townhome. Can I get 96-gallon toters rather than 64-gallon toters?

  • I live alone. Even a 64-gallon toter is too big! Can I get a smaller toter?

  • Where are the new toters made?

  • How will the automated collection vehicles work in areas with lots of on-street parking?

  • With once a week trash collection, what I am supposed to do when I go on vacation? Just leave the toters at the curb the entire time I’m gone?

  • We are handicapped and can’t wheel a toter from our backyard or through our house and then down the steps to the curb. What accommodations can be made for us?

  • How do I get rid of my old trash can and recycling bins?

  • Can I keep my current recycling bins?

  • Will trash and recycling be collected in the same trucks?

  • Does yard waste have to be in a toter or can we still use paper bags?