Noise Ordinance Information

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  • Does Leesburg have a Noise Ordinance?

    Yes. Section 24.182 of the Code of Ordinances outlines the Town of Leesburg Noise Ordinance. This ordinance has been in effect since 2009. The ordinance was changed in 2009 as a result of a Virginia Supreme Court case.

  • What kind of noise ordinance does Leesburg have?

    Leesburg has an ordinance that is a “per se,” or plainly audible standard. If a sound can be heard by a person with their unaided hearing faculties, and it disturbs, it is considered excessive noise, which is prohibited by the ordinance.
  • Does the Leesburg Noise Ordinance use decibels?

    No. A plainly audible standard noise ordinance does not use a decibel based system. An ordinance based on decibels has certain levels for certain times and areas.
  • Does the Leesburg Noise Ordinance apply to businesses and residents equally?

    Yes. If any business or resident creates excessive noise, the ordinance applies equally.
  • Does the Leesburg Noise ordinance allow outdoor music?

    Yes. Acoustic music (non-amplified) that does not disturb others in allowed. Music that is amplified requires a registration with the Town Manager's office. If approved, amplified music may be played outdoors between the hours 10:30am and 8:00pm. Before 10:30am and after 8:00pm, the plainly audible standard applies.
  • How do I obtain permission for amplified music outdoors?

    Registration is required for any amplified sounds that are outside in the Town of Leesburg. The approved registration allows for outdoor music between the hour of 10:30am and 8:00pm. You can download the application for amplified music here or contact the Town Manager’s office at 703-771-2700.
  • What are the penalties for violating the Leesburg Noise Ordinance?

    The penalty for violating the noise ordinance is a class 2 misdemeanor, meaning a potential court appearance. However, Leesburg Police strives to attain compliance by a visit to the offending site and asking for compliance.

  • Are there any plans to change the Leesburg Noise Ordinance?

    Although the Town Council has discussed changing the ordinance to a decibel based system, the current ordinance is in effect with no plans to change at this time.

  • Where can I find the full content of the Leesburg Noise Ordinance?

    The full text of the Leesburg Noise Ordinance is found in Section 24-182 of the Leesburg Town Code.