Fire Hydrant Security - Safe Water Supply

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The Town has three different color-coded fire hydrants within its service area. All fire hydrants within the historic downtown area are brown with a white top. Hydrants in other areas are red with a white top. Certain designated fire hydrants are red with a yellow bonnet and pumper nozzle.

Brown Hydrant Red Hydrant Fire Hydrant - Yellow


All Town owned and operated fire hydrants are equipped with either a black or yellow "Town of Leesburg Hydrant" identification ring.



It is illegal to tamper or open a fire hydrant without a permit from the Utilities Department. If you suspect tampering or misuse of a fire hydrant, immediately call the Utilities Department at 703-771-2762 between 8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays. After 5:00pm and on weekends, contact the Police non-emergency number at 703-771-4500. If you witness an illegal connection to a Town fire hydrant, or other suspicious activity related to Town water & sewer facilities and would prefer not to call, please report the activity by completing our online Illegal Connection or Dumping Report.

The Town rents hydrant meters to contractors for use on designated Town owned hydrants. If contractors are interested in obtaining a permit for use of a Town hydrant meter, contact the Utilities Department at 703-771-2762.

All Town rented hydrant meters are dark blue in color. The meter must be attached to the hydrant during use. Leesburg hydrant meters are to be used only with hydrants designated with yellow bonnets and yellow collars around the pumper nozzle within the Leesburg service area. The photographs below depict the proper use and setup on a Town owned designated hydrant. Operating a hydrant, attaching a fire or garden hose without a hydrant meter, or using a different color hydrant meter from another jurisdiction is illegal use (Town Code, Section 34-22. Maximum Fine $2,500 or 1 Year in Jail, or Both) and the Utilities Department, 703-771-2762,  or Police, 703-771-4500, should be notified immediately.

Be alert and ensure that proper fire hydrant connection meters are used to help prevent contamination of the Town’s drinking water supply caused by backflow or backsiphonage.

Small Hydrant Meter Large Hydrant Meter
Metered Garden Hose Attachment Metered Fire Hose Attachment