Backflow FAQs

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  • What is "potable water"?

  • What is a non-potable fluid?

  • What is a cross-connection?

  • What is backflow?

  • Why do water suppliers need to control cross-connections and protect their public water systems against backflow?

  • What is a backflow preventer?

  • Why do backflow preventers need to be tested periodically?

  • Do I have to send in the backflow device test results or does the tester?

  • Where do I get the backflow device test form or who has the backflow device test form?

  • Do I still have to have the backflow device tested if I'm not going to use my irrigation system?

  • Can you recommend a backflow tester?

  • How do I know if I need a backflow test?

  • Is it okay for trucks to hook up to the fire hydrants?

  • I want to install an irrigation system, what do I need to do?

  • Why do I have to test my backflow preventer every year?

  • How do I know when my annual backflow testing is due?