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FaucetImportant Changes to Tenant Accounts

Due to recent changes to the Code of Virginia §15.2-5139 and §15.2-2119, governing water and sewer systems, the Town of Leesburg will require the following two items to establish service to tenants (renters).

  • The legal recorded property owner or authorized property manager must authorize their tenant to establish service by completing an authorization form.
  • Tenants must pay a $30 initial service charge and a $150 security deposit. The security deposit will be held until the tenant’s account is closed and then applied to the final bill.

An owner may endorse a waiver of the payment, if the tenant receives rental assistance from local, state, or federal agencies. To do so, attach relevant documentation to the authorization form.

The Town will send the owner a copy of the tenant’s final bill and an additional notice if a balance remains unpaid past 30 days. If the Town does not receive payment from the tenant and have exhausted collections efforts, we will contact the owner to settle the bill, as the ultimate responsibility rests with the owner. Unpaid debts to the Town of Leesburg constitute a lien on the property in accordance with the Code of Virginia, which states the following:

Such fees and charges, and any penalty and interest thereon, shall constitute a lien against the property, ranking on parity with liens for unpaid taxes.

The Town will file a lien against the reference property for all unpaid debt plus interest and processing fees. The lien shall be released upon receipt of the total lien amount plus interest, which has accrued to the date of the payment. The Town has the right to deny customers water and sewer service until all unsatisfied fees are paid in full.

The completed authorization form can be scanned and sent to watersewer@leesburgva.gov.

You may also open an account using our online form that will allow you to enter the customer information needed to set up the account. The authorization form will be e-mailed back to you. Service cannot begin until the completed authorization form is returned to us.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (703) 771-2713 or at watersewer@leesburgva.gov.