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Report an Illegal Connection or Dumping

After Hours Emergencies

After 5:00pm weekdays and on weekends and holidays, contact the Leesburg Police Department's non-emergency number at 703-771-4500 to report waterline breaks, damaged fire hydrants, overflowing sewer manholes, or any other emergency issues related to water and wastewater.

Water Leak or Sewer Back Up?

If you suspect you have a water leak or a sanitary sewer backup, please contact the Town of Leesburg Utility Department before you call a plumber.  For more information, please review our "First Call" Policy.

Billing & Account Questions

For all water and sanitary sewer account inquiries, please use our Water & Sewer Billing Questions form.

To start water and sewer service, use our Start/Stop Service online application or call Utilities Customer Service Staff at 703-771-2701, Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 5:00pm.

Other Service Issues

If you are having a non-emergency service issue, please use our Water & Sewer Service Issues form.


Annan, RoddyGIS/Asset Management CoordinatorUtilities(703) 779-4008
Bailey, BrianPlant Manager - Water Pollution Control FacilityUtilities(703) 737-7092
Chambers, RussellPlant Manager - Water Treatment FacilityUtilities(703) 771-2728
Connor, LesleyExecutive AssociateUtilities(703) 737-7075
Dillman, LoriSenior Customer Service RepresentativeUtilities(703) 771-2761
Febles, DamarisCustomer Service RepresentativeUtilities(703) 669-1438
Fisher, Lyle S.Senior EngineerUtilities(703) 771-2749
Itnyre, TroyUtility Plant Maintenance SupervisorUtilities(703) 737-7098
Jackson, SherriCustomer Service SupervisorUtilities(703) 737-7130
Moore, PatrickDeputy Director of UtilitiesUtilities(703) 771-2754
Osman, MikeUtility Maintenance ManagerUtilities(703) 737-7076
Payne, BetsyUtilities AnalystUtilities(703) 771-2762
Peach, DeborahAdministrative AssociateUtilities(703) 737-7097
Phillips, JoeDeputy Plant Manager - Water Treatment FacilityUtilities(703) 737-6041
Rafferty, SeanSenior EngineerUtilities(703) 771-2783
Schwartzbeck, AlanAssistant Utility Maintenance ManagerUtilities(703) 737-7591
Showman, DanDeputy Plant Manager - Water Pollution Control FacilityUtilities(703) 779-7967
Tena, BeatrizCustomer Service RepresentativeUtilities(703) 771-6420
Trout, JasonEnvironmental Compliance InspectorUtilities(703) 737-7956
Wyks, AmyDirector of UtilitiesUtilities(703) 737-7119