Utilities Maintenance Programs

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Inventory - Asset Management

  • The water system inventory consists of:

    • 218 miles of water mains
    • 2,709 fire hydrants
    • 9,052 valves
    • 5 water storage tanks
    • 4 water booster stations
    • 1 groundwater well
red hydrant


The Utility Maintenance Division is also responsible for fire hydrant and valve maintenance to help ensure fire protection through operational hydrants supplying adequate water supply for a superior ISO rating.


  • The sanitary sewer system inventory consists of:

    • 176 miles of sanitary sewer main
    • 13 miles of sanitary sewer forcemain
    • 5,451 manholes
    • 11 sanitary sewer pump stations


manhole with lid


Inflow and Infiltration
The Inflow and Infiltration Technicians (I&I Tech) make certain the sewer lines are flowing properly from resident's homes and businesses to the Water Pollution Control Facility. The I&I Techs use a camera truck which is capable of “TVing” (CCTV) sewer pipes ranging in size from 4" to 36" tvtruckdiameter. The video data collected is managed with a software program which retains the video output documenting each pipe's condition. The entire sanitary sewer system in Leesburg is inspected and evaluated every 6 years. During the inspection process, all pipe lines and manholes are evaluated for deficiencies. The problems or deficiencies are diagnosed, prioritized, and categorized into appropriate repair orders.

Preventative Maintenance

As part of the Town's preventative maintenance program, every sewer main is cleaned and all debris, roots, and grease removed. The system is cleaned by using a high pressure water jet attached to a vacuum truck referred to as a “Vac-Con”. The cleaning cycle for the entire system is 7 years. The Utility Maintenance Division staff is responsible for maintaining the sanitary sewer system and minimizing sewer system disruptions.

Vactor Truck


Additional Information and Resources

• If you smell sewer odor in your home or business, pour a cup or more of water into your basement floor drain to “rehydrate” the drain trap. Water acts as a barrier in the trap to prevent odor from rising into the building. Lateral Cap

• If the sewer cleanout cap in your yard is damaged, please contact the Utilities Maintenance Division for assistance and replacement.

• Please visit our Water and Sewer Education Resources for additional information.