Christmas Tree & Holiday Recycling

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Christmas Tree Recycling Collection Schedule

Patriot Disposal will collect natural Christmas trees town-wide on the following days:

Click here for the 2019 Christmas tree schedule.          

Tips for Preparing Your Tree for Collection

Please keep the following in mind when preparing your trees for collection. These guidelines apply to collections by both Patriot Disposal and Town Brush Collection Crews:Remove stand from tree
  • Remove all decorations from trees - please check carefully for items hidden behind thicker branches or limbs
  • Remove tinsel, fake snow, angel hair, etc.
  • Remove all lighting from trees
  • Remove all twine, metal or plastic ties and string
  • Place tree at curb the night before recycling day or Monday night for brush collection
  • Do not place in plastic bags or "Christmas Tree Disposal Bags"
  • Remove stands and bases from trees




Reduce, Reuse and Recycle this Holiday Season

Plan your holiday shopping and events with a less-is-more approach.  The less material that ends up the in the landfill, the more you help the environment.  Look for bulk packaging for holiday party supplies and food staples.  Reduce the use of disposable dinnerware and silverware than can't be recycled.  Look for recycled products that you know can be recycled and won't end up in the trash.  A little extra planning in the beginning will lead to an easy green holiday this year!

Consider reuse as another means of preventing items from stacking up in landfills.  Could the decorations you grew tired of be of use to someone else?  Outgrown clothes can be donated to charities to make room for new holiday or winter apparel.  Leftover scraps from craft projects?  Perhaps a daycare, school or shelter could use those materials for some projects of their own.  Comics from the Sunday paper can be used as a fun (and economical!) wrap for kids' presents.  Holiday cards can be used for craft projects to decorate with for the season. If you're cleaning out closets from last season's styles or sizes, check with local organizations - many run coat and winter clothing drives at this time of year. Before putting an item in the trash, consider if it could possibly have a new life somewhere else or with a new/different use.

Make the recycling symbol a part of your seasonal plans.  Look for natural products and products packaged in recycled materials - this helps to ensure they can be recycled after their use.  Before throwing food scraps in the garbage can, consider starting or adding to a compost pile - vegetable peelings and organic matter can help work with the dried leaves from the fall.  Hang on to those boxes and tissue paper - they're all recyclable!  Fall and winter decorations?  Pine boughs, pumpkins and other decor can be recycled with compost - wildlife may enjoy the extra food source this time of year.  Look for food and beverages that come in recyclable containers.