Yard Waste

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Yard Waste collection ends Monday, November 25th.

The last yard waste collection for 2019 will be Monday, November 25, 2019. Yard waste will not be collected during the winter months of December, January, February and March. Collection of yard waste will resume on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Until November 25, 2019, collection will continue to be once per week, on Monday, for all areas of Town.  If residents have yard waste during the winter months, it will be collected as trash on residents' normal trash and recycling days.  Please set it out with your trash.


Include grass clippings No sod or weeds with large amounts of dirt will be collected! Grass containing large amounts of dirt must be taken to the landfill; fees may apply. Please visit the Loudoun County Department of Waste Management website for more information and fees.
Include weeds and leaves No dirt or rocks or other hardscape materials. Please note - Patriot Disposal does NOT collect mulch! 
Include small branches, tree limbs, twigs and shrub clippings (under 4' long and under 1/2" diameter). Bundle together with twine in stacks no more than 1 foot high and these will be collected by Patriot Disposal on your yard waste pickup day.

Large limbs and branches not bundled (but under 8' long and 6" in diameter) will be collected with brush pickup between Monday and Thursday, provided they are at the curb Sunday night. Please see "brush collection" for more information.
No tree prunings or branches taller than the yard waste bag or can.
In order to be collected by Patriot Disposal branches/tree limbs MUST be tied or bundled so they can be picked up by crews.  Do not include mulch with yard waste - most mulch is chemically treated and cannot be collected with yard waste.

Do NOT mix loose brush with bags or cans of yard waste. Patriot Disposal will not separate material out and mixed waste will be left behind.

Place in biodegradable brown paper yard bags (available at some grocery and home improvement stores)

Please contact Patriot at 703.771.6677  for questions related to yard waste collection.

No yard waste can be collected as recycling in plastic yard/contractor bags or in used mulch or soil bags. Clear bags are not necessarily biodegradable or compostable!  

Be sure to check to verify that bags are biodegradable or compostable before purchasing.

Patriot Disposal  will collect a maximum of 10 bags or cans of yard waste per pickup. Material in excess of 10 bags will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled collection day. Please note - if you have work done by a contractor you must make arrangements to dispose of any yard waste generated by this service - the Town does NOT collect yard waste generated by contractors.

Use trash cans with “Yard Waste” Sticker. To request a sticker, please e-mail trash@leesburgva.gov or phone 703-771-2790

Do not place in cans without a “Yard Waste” sticker.  If the crews do not see the sticker on a can, they may pass by it during collection. 

Crews cannot return to pick up yard waste in unmarked cans!

Small tree prunings or branches must be bagged in brown paper bags or securely bundled.  Loose tree limbs and branches are only collected by the Street Division. No root balls from trees or shrubs, logs or firewood; in addition, these cannot be collected as brush, yard waste or bulk pickups.  They must be taken to the landfill or arrange for private disposal!

Yard waste set out late will be picked up on the following regularly scheduled pickup day - crews will not return to pick up yard waste that was set out late or is placed in bags that are not acceptable. For any questions regarding what bags yard waste can be placed in, please contact Patriot Disposal at 703.771.6677.

Also, please note that Patriot Disposal uses similar looking trucks for different materials on collection days - yard waste is taken to a compost facility for recycling, trash is taken to the landfill and recycling is taken to a sorting facility in Sterling.  Materials may be collected at different times during the day (i.e., yard waste early AM, recycling late AM or early PM, etc.). Schedules may also vary from week to week depending on crews, truck availability, weather and other factors.