Trash Collection FAQs

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 Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding trash collection in the Town of Leesburg. If you have any additional questions or need more information, please call 703-771-2790 or email
  • Who receives curbside trash and recycling collection in town?

    • The Town of Leesburg contracts with Patriot Disposal Services to provide curbside collection of trash, recycling, and yard waste for single family homes, townhomes, and some businesses within the Town’s corporate limits.
    • Some residents with a “Leesburg” address may not be located within the Town’s corporate limits.  You may contact the Public Works Department at 703-771-2790 to verify whether an address is located within the Town’s corporate limits and is eligible for trash and recycling collection.
    • Residents not within corporate limits should contact their HOA or Loudoun County Department of Waste Management at 703-777-0187 for information on approved haulers in Loudoun County.


  • How do I set up trash service?

    Single family home, townhome and certain condo residents within the corporate limits of the Town of Leesburg receive curbside trash and recycling collection automatically. You do not need to request trash collection service or set up an account. You may contact the Public Works Department at or 703-771-2790 to verify that your address receives curbside collection.

    If your house is new construction and you do not have trash and recycling Toters, please contact the Public Works Department at 703-771-2790 to request Toters.

  • What are my trash, recycling and yard waste collection days?

    The Town has been divided into five collection areas for trash and recycling collection. Each collection area receives trash and recycling collection on the same day (see map below). The biggest change from the old collection areas is that Northeast Leesburg has been divided into two areas. Northeast Inside the Bypass includes the Carnaby Square, Carrvale, Cedar Walk, Exeter, Loudoun Hills, Lowenbach and adjacent neighborhoods. Northeast Outside the Bypass includes the Edwards Landing, Potomac Crossing, Potomac Station, River Pointe, and Sycamore Hills neighborhoods. In addition, Meadowbrook Farm has been added to the Southwest collection area.  If you are not sure which area your house is in, you can look up your street name on our street index. Yard waste will be collected town-wide on Mondays (April through November) and bulk items will be collected weekly, by request only.

    Trash Collection Area Map


  • Does the Town provide trash and recycling containers?

    Yes. Each residence that receives curbside trash and recycling collection is issued a black trash Toter and a blue recycling Toter, with wheels and attached lids. Single family homes received 96-gallon Toters and townhomes received 64-gallon Toters.

    If you are a new resident and your residence does not have Toters, please contact the Public Works Department at 703-771-2790 to request new Toters.


  • Can I write my house number on my Toters so I know which ones are mine?



  • What happens if my Toter goes missing or is damaged? Will you replace it?

    If your Toters are missing or are damaged, we will either replace them or fix them.  Please contact the Public Works Department at 703-771-2790 or to request replacements or repairs.

  • Can I request smaller Toters?

    We are no longer offering smaller Toters with the exception of residents needing smaller Toters to accommodate a physical disability. To request a smaller Toter, please complete the ADA Accommodation Request form and submit to

  • Can I get 96-gallon Toters rather than 64-gallon Toters?

    Yes. If you live in a townhome or condo that receives curbside trash and recycling collection and would prefer a 96-gallon Toter, please contact the Public Works Department at 703-771-2790 or to request the larger Toters.


  • What if I have more trash than fits in my Toter?

    If the trash will fit in the Toter, even with the lid up, that is better than putting the trash on the ground next to the Toter. On those occasions when you have more trash than normal and it will not fit into the Toter, you can use an extra container or you can place it next to the Toter and it will be collected. 


  • What types of things cannot be collected on regular trash days?

    • Do not mix hazardous household waste, recycling or yard waste with your regular trash.  These should be disposed of separately and as appropriate.
    • Cardboard boxes and moving paper (no Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap please) should be flattened or broken down as much as possible and placed at the curb for recycling pickup.
    • Bulky/special items (furnishings, appliances, other household items not fitting in plastic garbage bags or cans) will not be collected on regular trash collection days, you must request a special pickup for such items.  The Town does not consider bulky items that were not collected with your regular trash to be a “missed pickup” and will not send collectors back for such items.
    • Cooking oil in gallon or more containers. Used cooking oil may be collected with regular trash; however, large containers should be avoided. When placed in the collection vehicle, large containers of liquids such as cooking oil will be crushed resulting in the potential for oil to spill out of the vehicle onto streets. Smaller, sealed containers are acceptable.
    • Mulch is not collected and must be disposed of at the landfill.


  • How do I report a missed trash collection?

    Please use our online form to report a missed trash, recycling or yard waste collection. 


  • What time can trash be put out, and when should containers be removed from the curb?

    • Trash should be placed curbside after 4:00pm the day before pickup and before 4:00am the day of pickup. Residents placing trash out past this time may be missed during the pickup for their area.  If your trash is missed due to late set out, the collector will not  return to pick up this material.
    • Trash containers shall be removed from the curbline within 12 hours of collection.
    • Trash containers shall be stored behind the front line of the building.  Cans may not be left on the curb, sidewalk or other public place. 


  • Does the Town have a trash drop-off center where I can take extra trash?

    The Town does not have trash drop-off locations. The Loudoun County Landfill accepts household waste for a nominal fee.  You may contact them at 703-771-5500 for more information and hours.


  • How can I get rid of old trash cans and recycling bins?

    Contact Patriot Disposal to get rid of old trash can and recycling bins at 703-771-6677 or