Recyclable Materials - What to Include

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What Can Be Recycled in Leesburg

Please note - soiled cardboard such as that from pizza boxes or frozen food boxes with wax coating should NOT be included with recycling - please place soiled cardboard and wax lined boxes in regular trash. 

Not sure what you can recycle? Don't worry - we have the answers!  Leesburg recycles numerous items - and we keep adding more as the market allows.  Below are some of the items we collect.  If you're not sure if something can be recycled, just e-mail or call 703-771-2790 for more information and assistance!

2 Cans


Foam Cup 

Aluminum and Tin Cans
Rinse lightly, labels are ok
Crush to conserve space

 Corrugated Cardboard
Break down
larger boxes
Packing paper is ok

Polystyrene (a.k.a. Styrofoam)
Be sure item has a recycling triangle with a
number 1-7 inside


 Food Paperboard Box


 Glass Containers



Paperboard Food Containers
Cereal boxes, baking mix packaging, etc.


Glass Bottles and Jars
Includes all colors, sizes and shapes
Lids and labels are ok

Magazines and Catalogs
Any size and thickness accepted
Remove mailing label for identity protection before discarding


Junk Mail




Newspaper Inserts

Junk Mail
Include postcards, window envelopes and glossy ads

Bundles or place below
heavier items in windy or
rainy conditions

Newspaper & Magazine Inserts
Include glossy inserts and ads


Regular Paper


Plastic Containers

Miscellaneous Paperboard

Mixed Paper
Include office paper, colored paper, notebook paper, etc.

Plastics 1-7
Include any shape/size container with #1-7 inside recycling triangle

Mixed Paperboard
Flatten to conserve space

Are there more plastics that can be recycled than just bottles?  YES!  Not sure if the plastic is recyclable?  As a general rule, flip the item over and look on the bottom for a triangle with a number in it.  If it's a number 1-7, we can accept it!  This includes many items such as yogurt and margarine containers, some plastic and foam packing materials, as well as some of the hard plastic electronics packaging materials.  Look for symbols like these:


Plastic #2




For information on items that should not be mixed with recycling, please click here.
Recycling should be co-mingled and placed at the curb by 6AM on your pickup day.
Items set out after this time could be missed and must wait until the following week for collection or may be taken to one of the recycling drop-off centers.