Non-Recyclable Materials

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What items cannot be recycled?

Please note that recycling should NOT be placed in plastic bags. All recycled items should be placed loose in your recycling bin. Also, DO NOT recycle any kind of Styrofoam. This is a recent change by the contractor, Patriot Disposal. Styrofoam should only be disposed of as trash.

The following items CANNOT  be collected as recycling:

  • PLASTIC BAGS (on their own or with recycled items inside)
  • Paper towels, napkins, tissues
  • Bound books or reports
  • Beverage glasses or tempered glass (i.e. window glass), automotive glass
  • Cellophane, shrink wrap, or packing materials (peanuts,and bubble wrap)
  • Foil and foil disposable foil baking pans
  • Any containers that held hazardous materials (i.e. motor oil, paints, thinners, or household chemicals)
  • Pizza boxes or other cardboard food containers with attached food or grease spots
  • Wax-lined milk or juice cartons, frozen food boxes with a waxy interior

Please do not mix the above items in with your recyclable materials - include non-hazardous waste in with your regular trash and dispose of household hazardous waste at an approved collection event. See Loudoun County's 2020 HHW Collection Event schedule at If you have any questions about what items are acceptable for recycling collection you may also call the Department of Public Works at 703-771-2790 or email for more information.