New Trash & Recycling Contract FAQs

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Patriot Disposal Services is the Town of Leesburg's new solid waste disposal contractor. As part of the new contract, new collection schedules went into effect on Monday, July 2, 2018. In addition, all households will be issued new wheeled toters with attached lids, a blue one for recycling and a black one for trash, beginning in July.

We appreciate everyone's patience as these changes go into effect. Below is a list of questions that have been asked so far. If you have other questions, please email us at and we will add your questions to the list below.

  • What are my trash, recycling and yard waste collection days?

    The Town has been divided into five collection areas for trash and recycling collection. Each collection area receives trash and recycling collection on the same day (see map below). The biggest change from the old collection areas is that Northeast Leesburg has been divided into two areas. Northeast Inside the Bypass includes the Carnaby Square, Carrvale, Cedar Walk, Exeter, Loudoun Hills, Lowenbach and adjacent neighborhoods. Northeast Outside the Bypass includes the Edwards Landing, Potomac Crossing, Potomac Station, River Pointe, and Sycamore Hills neighborhoods. In addition, Meadowbrook Farm has been added to the Southwest collection area.  If you are not sure which area your house is in, you can look up your street name on our street index. Yard waste will be collected town-wide on Mondays and bulk items will be collected, by request only, town-wide on Wednesdays.

    Trash Collection Area Map


  • When do I get my new toters for trash and recycling?

    Later this summer, each residence will receive a black trash toter and a blue recycling toter, with wheels and attached lids. Single family homes will receive 96 gallon toters and townhomes will receive 64 gallon toters. At the present time, Town officials expect toters to be delivered beginning in mid-July with deliveries completed to all residences by the end of August. Until toters are issued, residents should continue to use their current trash cans and recycling bins.
  • What if I’m on vacation when you deliver my new toters?

    You should let your neighbors know that you will be gone and ask them to take your new toters in for you. We will be publishing a toter delivery schedule, by neighborhood, in the next few weeks.
  • Do I have to use the new toters?

    Yes. Using the toters that are emptied using automated arms on the collection trucks is a key component to keeping costs down by reducing the labor previously required to collect which is an industry standard/best practice.
  • I already have a lidded toter, can I just use that?

    It depends. If your existing toter has a metal bar on the front that allows the automated arm on the collection truck to pick it up, you can continue to use it. If not, you will need to use the provided toters.

    If you want to use your existing toter for recycling, but it is not blue, you will need to put a blue "Recycling" sticker on the front of it. Upon request, the Town will provide stickers free of charge.

  • What do I do with my old trash cans?

    You have several options:

    • You may keep them as an extra container for those special occasions like the holidays when you may generate more trash than normal, and if you have the space to accommodate an extra container. 
    • You can use them for Yard Waste, reducing the need to purchase bio-degradable yard waste bags. We will provide you with free green “Yard Waste” stickers for that purpose.
    • You can have Patriot remove them for you. We will also provide you with “Take Me, I’m Trash” stickers.
    • You can sell or give them away, at a yard sale, on Craigslist, Freecycle, or through a yard sale Facebook page.

  • The new toters won’t fit in my garage or I don’t have a garage. Where I am supposed to store them?

    We realize that finding a place to store the toters may be problematic for some residents. You may need to make space in your garage, or adjust things in your backyard. The toters will need to be stored behind the front line of the house to be in compliance with the Town’s zoning ordinance.
  • What if I have more trash than fits in the toters?

    If the trash will fit in the toter, even with the lid up, that is better than putting the trash on the ground next to the toter. On those occasions when you have more trash than normal and it will not fit into the toter, you can use an extra container or you can place it next to the toter and it will be collected. 

    If you routinely have more trash than will fit in the toter, you can request a larger toter or an additional toter.

  • If I can put extra bags next to the toters, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the toters? Why can't I just put out bags of trash or use my old containers?

    If you put extra bags of trash next to your toter, the crews will empty your toter - using the automated lift system - and then place the extra bags in the toter and empty it again. Using the toters is necessary to get the trash into the truck.
  • What happens if my toter goes missing or is damaged? Will you replace it?

    The toters will have radio frequency ID (RFID) tags linked to the assigned address, so we should be able to track down any stray or missing toters. If toters do go missing or are damaged, we will either replace them or fix them.  If the toter is damaged, call the number on the side of the toter to schedule the repair.
  • Can I write my house number on my toters so I know which ones are mine?

  • Why are single family homes and townhomes receiving different size toters?

    It is the industry standard to supply single family homes with 96 gallon toters and townhomes with 64 gallon toters. Generally speaking, single family homes have more occupants than townhomes. In addition, single family home neighborhoods have more space at the curb to put the toters out. However, we recognize that not every family unit is the same regardless of the home (single family or townhome) so we will make adjustments after the initial roll-out of the toters if the provided size does not work for your family. 
  • I live in a single family home. Can I get 64-gallon toters rather than 96-gallon toters?

    Eventually, yes. But we ask that everyone allow us to deliver the toters as planned (96 gallons to single family homes and 64 gallons to townhomes) for efficiency of delivery. Once you have received your toters and if you still want the smaller size after trying it for a few weeks, you may request smaller toters.
  • I live in a townhome. Can I get 96-gallon toters rather than 64-gallon toters?

    Eventually, yes. But we ask that everyone allow us to deliver the toters as planned (96 gallons to single family homes and 64 gallons to townhomes) for efficiency of delivery. Once you have received your toters and if you still want the larger size after trying it for a few weeks, you may request larger toters.
  • I live alone. Even a 64-gallon toter is too big! Can I get a smaller toter?

    Yes. We will be offering 32-gallon toters upon request. But we ask that everyone allow us to deliver the toters as planned (96 gallons to single family homes and 64 gallons to townhomes) for efficiency of delivery. Once you have received your toters and if you still want a different size after trying it for a few weeks, you may request smaller toters.
  • Where are the new toters made?

    The toters are manufactured in Statesville, North Carolina, from approximately 50% recycled materials.
  • How will the automated collection vehicles work in areas with lots of on-street parking?

    Patriot has two types of automated collection vehicles. The side-loading trucks have arms that are operated by the vehicle driver. Rear-loading trucks require crew members to wheel the toters from the curb to behind the truck for the arm to pick up and dump into the truck. Patriot is currently determining which trucks to use in which neighborhoods. The rear-loading trucks will be used in the townhome and tighter single family home neighborhoods.
  • With once a week trash collection, what I am supposed to do when I go on vacation? Just leave the toters at the curb the entire time I’m gone?

    We recommend that you ask your neighbors if they would put your trash out and bring the toters back in for you while you are gone, just as you would do for them when they are on vacation. Per Town Code, trash containers may not be placed at the curb prior to 4:00 p.m. the day before collection or left at the curb for more than 12 hours after collection. 
  • We are handicapped and can’t wheel a toter from our backyard or through our house and then down the steps to the curb. What accommodations can be made for us?

    Please email or call 703-771-2790. We will work with you to find an appropriate accommodation.
  • How do I get rid of my old trash can and recycling bins?

    When you receive your new toters, you will also receive several “Take Me, I’m Trash” stickers that you can put on your old trash cans and recycling bins and Patriot will collect them for recycling.
  • Can I keep my current recycling bins?

    Yes, of course, you can.
  • Will trash and recycling be collected in the same trucks?

    The trucks will look the same, but trash and recycling will be collected separately.
  • Does yard waste have to be in a toter or can we still use paper bags?

    Yard waste - which will be collected townwide on Mondays - should be either in biodegradable paper yard waste bags or loose in cans marked as "Yard Waste." When you get your new toters, we will provide you with two green "Yard Waste" stickers if you want to re-purpose your current trashcans as yard waste cans.