Refrigerator, Freezer & Air Conditioner Unit Disposal

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Options for Disposing of Refrigerators, Freezers and Air Conditioner Units

Federal regulations prohibit the commercial hauling of discarded refrigeration equipment if the chemical refrigerant (such as Freon) has not been removed by a licensed technician. This prohibition is to prevent the accidental discharge of the chemical into the atmosphere if the equipment is damaged during transport and handling.

If you need to dispose of a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner unit or other refrigeration equipment, you have two options:

  1. Use the Town of Leesburg's free bulk item pickup service.
    The Town of Leesburg does provide bulk item pickup of refrigerators, freezers and air conditioner units to residents at no charge, but only if the chemical refrigerant unit has been removed and the unit *tagged by a licensed technician. This must be removed from the equipment before placing the item out for bulk item pickup. Recent quotes for this service average about $125 per item.
  2. Take the item to the Loudoun County Landfill.
    There is a $25 per item recycling surcharge for refrigerant-containing appliances, in addition to the landfill fee. For more information, please visit the Loudoun County Landfill website.


*Tagged - Tagging in the procedure required to properly remove and dispose of the refrigerant and containment unit in old fridges, freezers and A/C units. This can only be done by a licensed technician who has been trained to do this particular work. The procedure requires the technician to physically remove the refrigerant unit and secure it into a storage bag. A special tag is then attached to the unit with the technician's name, date of removal, owner's information and the technician's license number. The technician will also tag the appliance showing they have removed the refrigerant properly and it is safe to haul. This procedure can ONLY be done by a technician with a valid Ozone Depletion Properties (ODP) License. This CANNOT be performed by a homeowner who is not licensed to do so.