Information on Curbside Bulk Leaf Collection

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk Leaf Removal

As fall moves into winter, bulk leaf collection has entered peak volume and crews are working as quickly as possible to reach all quadrants. Inclement weather has caused delays in the collection - currently it will be between 1-2 weeks between pickups in most areas. Crews have added additional hours and Saturday pickups to help get the wait time between collections back to a more regular schedule. Below are some frequently asked questions and information on how the process works within the Town and ways residents can help ensure crews can pick up each stop as quickly as possible.

When are they going to get to my street/cul-de-sac?
This is one of the most common questions during peak leaf season especially.  During the beginning of the collection period when leaves just start falling it is possible for crews to make a pass through each quadrant weekly or close to it. Once peak season starts the volumes become so high that crews need additional time per stop, thus pushing the collection to every 1-2 weeks, sometimes more.  It is not possible to definitively say when a crew will be on a particular street.  Please be assured crews will continue to work and get out there to all locations as soon as possible.

Large Pile

Why don't they have more people/equipment out? 
The Town has 4 leaf vacuum attachments and has four 3-man crews in each quadrant weekly. Last year the Town added an additional truck and crew to act as a "floater" vehicle to assist regular crews in a quadrant experiencing an unusually heavy volume. The Town has every piece of leaf collection equipment out in the field at this time. 

Vacuuming Leaves

I raked my leaves to the curb Sunday night - but if they're going to take 1-2 weeks to get back to my street what can I do to keep the leaves from blowing back into my yard or the neighbor's yard?
Since we cannot give a specific date/time as to when crews will be on a particular street, we understand that the leaves can get blown around, undoing many hours of hard work. Our best recommendation is to cover piles with tarps or keep the top layers sprayed down with water. Wet leaves on top can still be collected and the weight will help keep dry leaves below from blowing around. 

I haven't seen a leaf collection truck at all - did they forget us?
Crews will continue working to make sure all streets in town have had at least two passes by a leaf collection vehicle during the collection period.  To ensure every area has been serviced, Town vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking so that staff can plan routes and verify that each street in Town is being collected. 

OK a truck came and collected the leaves but there is a mess in the street! They left dust and debris everywhere!
Leaf collection equipment involves a piece of equipment attached to the back of a collection truck. While the sides of the truck are solid, in order to have ventilation and keep the walls from burst the top of the vehicle must be ventilated. This does allow for some of the leaf dust to escape. In addition, crews use rakes to help guide the leaves into the vacuum and cannot get all the debris off the ground. The street sweeper will pick up some of this residual material when it makes its passes around town. We do advise that you keep vehicles, bikes and other personal property away from leaf piles. Please note - crews cannot collect leaves from under or next to parked vehicles for safety and liability reasons.

Car on Leaves

I raked my leaves to the curb as directed. The truck was on my street today but my pile hasn't been touched. Why?
There are a couple of possible reasons, first being that the collection vehicle was full and needed to go dump the load and will be returning later that day or the following day. There also could have been an issue with the vehicle breaking down or needing to be serviced. In addition, leaf trucks operate differently than trash collection vehicles and the brush truck. The vacuum reaches to the right of the truck with an extension of 4-5'. The routes for the leaf truck follow through to the end of a street allowing for the truck to return along the opposite side - so the pile across the street may be collected but the pile in front of your property may not be collected until later in the day or even the following day when the truck comes up that side of the street.

Also, please consider the following reasons some piles cannot be collected:

 Leaves Mixed with Yard Waste
Leaves mixed with grass cannot be collected

mixed debris
Leaves mixed with brush and yard waste cannot be collected - keep leaves completely separate

Leaves piled around or under personal property such as sports equipment, vehicles, etc. cannot be collected

What other things should residents keep in mind regarding leaf collection?
While leaves are an organic material, they still should not be swept into or blown into storm sewer inlets. These inlets are designs specifically to carry water (rainfall, snow melt, etc.) away from homes and businesses. These pipes are not intended to receive waste, trash or organic material such as leaves or yard waste. Please do not rake leaves in front of or into storm drains. Leaves and grass do not get washed downstream but instead collect in the pipes and can cause blockages which result in flooded streets, yards and basements during storms or heavy rainfall. 

Leaves can block the flow of water into inlets or clog storm drain pipes potentially causing flooding.

Separate Piles
If you must place leaves near a storm drain, position them downstream so that rain or snow/ice melt will not wash them into the storm sewer inlet. Also, remember to keep leaves separate from grass clippings, yard waste and brush!

paper bags
You may also put leaves loose in a container marked with a "yard waste" sticker or in brown paper yard waste bags and set them out for pickup on your recycling/yard waste day (Monday for all Town residents).


 If you have any questions or concerns please email or You may also visit our bulk leaf collection service report online form to submit information on bulk leaf collection service issues or complaints directly to the Street Maintenance Division.