Public Works - General Information

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The Department of Public Works and Capital Projects is divided into several divisions, each with a different set of responsibilities for the various services provided through Public Works and Capital Projects.

The Public Works and Capital Projects Administration Divisions provides general oversight of the department and the associated divisions.  This office coordinates the Bonds and Agreements process with the Engineering and Inspections Division, assists with the management of the Town's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, provides education and outreach to citizens and organizations in the community, and coordinates various permit tasks.

Public Works Administration coordinates the trash and recycling contract and manages services within the Town's corporate limits. The Office of Capital Projects maintains oversight of the design and construction of Town of Leesburg capital improvement projects. More information on these projects and services can be found on the Office of Capital Projects web page.


The Engineering and Inspections Division is responsible for reviewing construction drawings for best management practices (BMPs), erosion and sediment control, final pavement designs and signal structures associated with public and private improvements in the Town's corporate limits.

The Division also inspects developer construction and Town Capital Improvement projects to ensure compliance with Design and Construction standards. This Division also responds to citizen concerns and complaints related to these projects and coordinates all developer-requested bond reductions and releases.

Engineering and Inspections also performs storm sewer outfall inspections for the Town's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. The Division provides assistance to the Town's IT department for field verification of GIS data collected for the Town's storm sewer maps.

The Building Maintenance Division is responsible for the upkeep and repairs for several Town-owned properties,
such as Town Hall, the adjacent parking garage and the Balch Library. 

The division performs general maintenance and repair work, and also coordinates larger projects such as parking garage resurfacing, roof replacement, etc. The division also provides recycling collection for Town Hall and the Town Green. Buildings staff members assist other departments and divisions with requests for space at Town Hall for meetings or events, and coordinates with Parks and Recreation and other agencies for events on the Town Green. 

Building Maintenance Division works closely with the Leesburg Energy Efficiency Program (LEEP) Committee to explore ways to save energy and reduce operating costs at Town facilities. 


The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for the service and maintenance of 176 vehicles and 316 pieces offleet equipment for the Town of Leesburg. Equipment includes such items as mowers, trimmers and edgers, larger items like tractors and construction equipment, vehicles like police cars, snow plows, the street sweeper, and trucks, vans and cars used by the various departments in Town.

The division maintains a shop for the Town and performs routine maintenance such as oil changes, fluid replacement, mechanical work and inspections for Town owned and maintained vehicles and equipment. The shop staff also coordinate with other departments for more extensive vehicle or equipment repair, accident and insurance coverage information, and replacements of vehicles and equipment. The shop also serves as a fueling station for many Town vehicles and equipment.


The Street Maintenance Division administers the Nuisance Abatement Control Program as well as performing numerous key services for the Town, including snow removal, bulk leaf collection in the fall and brush collection year round. This division is the largest in the Department and bears the responsibility for maintaining the 251 lane miles within the Town's corporate limits. 

The Transportation Division acts as a referral agency in the subdivision and land development processes, directs and coordinates street light and traffic signal installations, serves as a liaison to the Standing Residential Traffic Committee, and issues right-of-way permits. This division also responds to requests for permit parking evaluations and implementation.








For more information or if you have questions related to any of these divisions or the services provided, please contact Public Works Administration at 703-771-2790, or e-mail