Reserve the Community Room?

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The Leesburg Police Department has a Community Room that is available for organizations to reserve for a variety of events such as Homeowners Association Meetings, Boy Scouts, Blood Drives, non-profit groups, etc. The room is available for reservations by submitting a request form.

Scheduling Guidelines

  1. No group or organization is allowed to reserve the community room in advance for more than 6 functions during any 6-month period.
  2. No reservations for use of the room more than 6 months in advance will be allowed.
  3. This form must be completed, signed and approved prior to finalization of any reservation.

Community Room Regulations

  1. The maximum number of persons allowed in the room is 50. Note: Parking is limited! 
    No food or beverages are allowed in the community room.
  2. All users of the community room are expected to conduct themselves and to maintain the room in an orderly manner. Any group or individual that does not comply may not be granted future use of the community room.
  3. The group’s/organization’s representative will be responsible for and report any damage to the room to police department staff.
  4. No individual, group or organization may charge a fee for profit to any event participant.

Cancellation of Reservations Guidelines

  1. Persons that no longer require the use of the community room after having completed a reservation shall advise the Leesburg Police Department of the cancellation in a timely manner, in order to make the room available to others.
  2. The Town of Leesburg Police Department reserves the right to cancel reservations due to unforeseeable circumstances that require the use of the room by the Town of Leesburg or the Leesburg Police Department. Many times these cancellations can be at a moments notice, but the department will attempt to give as much notification as possible.

The Town of Leesburg Police Department reserves the right to cancel reservations of groups deemed not to have complied with the scheduling guidelines or regulations listed above.