Report a Traffic Problem?

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Citizens of Leesburg have the option to call the police department’s Traffic Management Unit to report a traffic problem. This may be any traffic problem seen by the public. If a problem such as speeding, drivers not obeying stop signs or other chronic problems are observed, you can contact the Traffic Management Unit at or by calling 703-771-4500.

The Traffic Management Unit handles all traffic complaints.  The unit will deploy several different resources’ depending on the type of complaint. Traffic management officers will gather data using traffic counters, stealth stat devices or SMART trailers. Officers will then be deployed to conduct enforcement through the Traffic Unit and Patrol Units. Both the Traffic Management Unit and the Patrol officers receive Selective Traffic Complaint sheets which identifies the traffic problems that are being dealt with. Once enforcement has been done for a period of time, the Traffic Management Unit will then gather data to determine if there was an affect on the problem.