Community Policing

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The Town is divided into Community Policing Sectors. Officers are assigned to a Community Policing Sector and are responsible for handling any issues within that sector. The Town is also divided into Patrol Beats which incorporate the Community Policing Sectors so that the officers will patrol the areas that include their assigned sector.

The Community Policing Sectors are grouped together to form Community Policing Districts. The Community Commander Program incorporates an assignment of a Commander to organize and delegate assignments to the officers within the Community Policing Sectors inside of those Districts.

The map shows the different Community Policing Districts and indicates the Commander for your neighborhood. You can click on the link to contact your Community Commander with questions and concerns.

Community Policing Districts Map

 District Commander  Email Address 

District 1

Lieutenant George Cumberledge

District 2

Lieutenant Patrick Daly

 To see crime information within the Community Policing Districts and Sectors you can access You can enter locations, dates and time frames to view recent activity in the area. You can also sign up to get email notifications of crime activity from You can click on this link to access the website: