Criminal Investigations

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Detective Badge 2Criminal Investigation Section

The Criminal Investigation Section (CIS) is composed of 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, 10 Detectives and 1 Evidence Technician. Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section are responsible for conducting in-depth, comprehensive investigations into felonies and serious misdemeanor cases. The Criminal Investigation Section also conducts all unique and undercover investigations conducted by the Leesburg Police Department.

CIS Detectives also serve as liaisons with allied federal agencies including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Postal Inspectors, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Secret Service and United States Marshal’s Service. CIS Detectives work cooperatively with Officers and Investigators from other departments for many leads that may exist outside the Town of Leesburg.

CIS Detectives are trained and proficient in investigating any crime.  CIS Detectives attend specialized training including death investigation, interviewing, detecting deceptive behavior, “finding words,” missing persons, child abuse, cold case investigation, crime scene photography, and computer forensics.  When serious crimes occur, e.g. homicide, child abuse, robbery, or sex offenses, detectives participate in the initial investigation as well as the follow-up. At crime scenes, Detectives work hand-in-hand with Patrol Officers and the Evidence Technician to provide Community Policing during all stages of the investigation.

Several CIS Detectives are assigned to the Special Enforcement Team (SET). SET Detectives take a proactive approach to targeting some of the Town’s most difficult crime-related problems. SET detectives make a concerted effort to stay abreast of emerging crime trends in order to combat problems at the earliest opportunity. Some of SET's goals include: targeting felony-related offenses, the apprehension of elusive offenders, providing technical assistance and intelligence to other units and tracks gang members and activity in the Town of Leesburg

The CIS Commander, Lieutenant Jaime Sanford may be reached at 703-771-4582 or Email