Sign Regulations

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Sign Permit Information
Whether you are opening a new business, re-branding your business by changing your sign, moving to a new location or hosting a special event, you will likely need to obtain a sign permit from the Town.  Please review the links and information below.  If you have any questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us.

Sign PermitLeesburg Central Sign
Regulations regarding signs in the Town are outlined in Article 15 of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance.  A separate Sign Permit  application is required for each permanent business sign.  In general, businesses within the Town of Leesburg are limited to two signs per business.  Regulations may differ if you are located in the Old and Historic District (See Old and Historic District Sign Guidelines) or in a multi-tenant building/shopping center with an existing comprehensive sign plan. 

There are various types of signs available to businesses within the Town of Leesburg.  The sign type best suited for you may depend on your type of business and characteristics of your location.  Article 15 Appendix 1 provides illustrations of various sign types. 

When submitting your sign application, please ensure that each application is accompanied by two sets of plans demonstrating the size, character, color, letter style and design proposed; the method of illumination, if any; the exact location of the proposed sign, including a site diagram; and in the case of suspended or projecting signs, the method of mounting each sign and its supporting structure.  

Temporary Sign Permit

There are two types of temporary sign permits issued by the Town as explained below:  

 A. Promotional Event Sign - If your business is has a special sale or promotion, you may wish to apply for a temporary sign permit.  These signs are attached to the primary structure and may be up to 24 square feet and 6 feet in height.  Display of promotional event signs is limited to 14 continuous days, five times a year with a separate permit required for each display period.  The sign must be removed within 24 hours of the permits expiration date.

Temporary SignB. Temporary Business Identification - While your permanent business signage is being manufactured or under review, you may apply for a temporary sign permit.  These wall mounted temporary signs may be up to 24 square feet to identify a business for a period of 45 days prior to approval of permanent signage. 

A one-time renewal of 30 days is permitted upon approval of the Zoning Administrator or designee

 Applications for Temporary Sign Permits must be accompanied by two sets of plans demonstrating the size and placement of the sign