Excessive Occupancy Enforcement Investigation

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Excessive Occupancy Enforcement

Once a complaint is received...

  1. The Complainant is contacted by a Zoning Inspector to follow up on the complaint. Complainant contact information remains confidential.
  2. An investigation is opened by a Zoning Inspector, which includes site visits and surveillance. Investigations generally take 30 to 50 days to complete.
  3. If there is no violation, the case is closed. - OR-
  4. If investigation shows that probable cause exists, a courtesy letter is sent to the property owner of the dwelling in question via postal mail to make inquiries regarding the complaint. If no response is received from the property owner, a door hanger is posted on the dwelling, giving the owner 10 days to respond.
  5. If a violation is verified through the investigation and inquiries, a Notice of Violation letter is sent to the property owner of the dwelling in question, advising them to abate the violation. If the property owner cooperates with the Zoning Inspectors and abates the violation, the case is ultimately closed. If the owner does not cooperate, the Zoning Inspectors work with the Town Attorney to pursue legal action to resolve the violation, which can take up to 50 business days.
  6. At the conclusion of the investigation and inquiries, a Zoning Inspector will notify the Complainant as requested.