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Local Zoning Approval for Home-Based Child Care Providers

What You Need to Know


The Virginia Department of Social Services requires daycare providers comply with local zoning laws before they will grant or renew a daycare license.  The Leesburg Department of Planning & Zoning is here to help you understand the Town's regulations and guide you through the permitting process.

The Leesburg Zoning Ordinance contains the local land use regulations which are in place to limit the negative impacts a particular use may have on neighboring properties.  Examples of land use issues include site access and parking, outdoor recreation area size and security, and buffering/screening on the property such as landscaping and fencing. Article 9, Section 9.4.7 of the Zoning Ordinance specifically addresses Family Day Homes.

Home-Based Child Care for 5 or More Children

A home-based child care operation for up to 12 children (exclusive of the children living at the home) is defined by the Zoning Ordinance as a "Family Day Home" and requires approval from the Town.  As outlined in Zoning Ordinance Article 9, Section 9.4.7, Family Day Homes for 5-9 children are permitted by-right and 10-12 children require the approval of a special exception, subject to meeting the performance standards in Article 9, Section 9.4.7 and Article 3, Section 3.4.13, as applicable.

A Home Occupation Permit is also required and must include a sketch plan depicting the entire lot to scale, setbacks, pathway to the facility entrance, drop-off and pick-up locations, location of permanent in-ground play equipment, the size and location of the required outdoor play area and the required fence.

 Please contact Planning staff at 703-771-2434 to determine whether you qualify for the administrative process. 

Home-Based Child Care for 4 or Fewer Children

The Zoning Ordinance allows Family Day Homes up to 4 children (in addition to your own children) as a by-right use. No Town zoning approval or permit is required. However, you are required to maintain a valid business license from the Town. If you are providing day care service for infants also be sure to check with the Virginia Department of Social Services to see if a state license is required. 

Special Exception Toolbox for Child Care Applicants

Staff has prepared the following information to guide you through the special exception process.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Deputy Director of Planning & Zoning Brian Boucher  at 703-771-2765 or bboucher@leesburgva.gov.

What you will need to start the special exception process

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form
Land Development Application 
Disclosure of Real Parties in Interest Form

Sample Child Care Special Exception Submission Forms

Sample Pre-Application Meeting Request Form
Sample Land Development Application
Sample Statement of Justification
Sample Disclosure of Real Parties in Interest Form
Sample Special Exception Application Checklist
Sample Written Notice