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Gymnastics Collage

Be a part of one of our most popular sports programs here at Ida Lee.  Watch your child’s confidence and skill levels grow as they cartwheel through our various levels of gymnastics classes. All classes are based on age and skill levels; please make sure to check prerequisites before signing up.

Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 3-4) Introduce your child to movement, coordination, and balance in a gymnastics environment. Emphasis is on learning, listening skills, and following instructions. This class covers basic developmental gymnastics along with fun and play.  Class meets at OIWPB.

Preschool Gymnastics II (Ages 4-5) This class is a continuation of skills learned in the beginner preschool gymnastics and continues to prepare the student for the beginner gymnastics level. Students will be introduced and taught basic skills on the floor, balance beam, bars and vault, as well as continued work on coordination, balance and movement. Class meets at OIWPB.

Beginner Gymnastics I (Ages 4-12) This is a modified beginner gymnastics class. Students will warm-up, work on strength conditioning, and do “big kid” gymnastics with emphasis on learning skills and following instructions. Skills include rolls, handstands, and cartwheels in addition to basic skills on the balance beam, bars, and vault.   Class meets at OIWPB.

Gymnastics II (Ages 5 - 2) This class concentrates on balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength training through basic skills on floor, balance beam, and vault. Other skills include rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back walkovers, and round offs. Class meets at OIWPB. Prerequisite: 2 sessions of Gymnastics I or instructor’s permission.

Gymnastics III (Ages 6-12) This class will prepare the students to move into the intermediate level by developing higher level skills through progressive drills and increasing strength and flexibility.  Students will work to develop the needed skills for both the floor and equipment. Class meets at OIWPB. Prerequisite: 3 sessions of Gymnastics II or Instructor’s permission.  

Intermediate Gymnastics (Ages 8-14) This class has a higher concentration on flexibility and strength through conditioning and drills.  Students will perfect more intermediate skills, as well as begin advanced level skills.  Class meets at OIWPB. Prerequisite: 2 sessions of Gymnastics III or Instructors permission.

Intermediate Gymnastics II (Ages 8-14) Attending class two times a week will enhance the progress of the student towards achieving the skills taught.  Heavy emphasis on flexibility and strength during the warm up will aid in achieving the advanced skills being taught. Skills learned will include mounts and dismounts and intermediate levels skills on equipment. Tumbling skills will include round off back springs, back tucks, and aerials on the floor. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission.  Class meets at OIWPB. 

Progressive Tumbling (Ages 8-14) This gymnastics class will concentrate on tumbling only and is great for aspiring cheerleaders and gymnasts. Skills to be covered include cartwheels, round-offs, front/back walkovers, and handspring. Child needs to be able to perform a cartwheel. Class meets at OIWPB.

Private Gymnastic Lessons (Ages 5 & up) Private lessons are available through Ida Lee Park Recreation Center. Whether it is to hone their skills, get more exercise, or just because your child has always wanted to learn tumbling and gymnastic skills in a private setting, now is your chance. Please call Ida Lee at 703-777-1368 for more information about private gymnastic lessons.

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For additional information, please contact our Sports Supervisor