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Fencing is one of only four sports to be included in every modern Olympic Games since the first in 1896. It was also a sport in the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece.  Join our Fencing course here at Ida Lee and be a part of history.

This course provides for both supervised and coached assaults, bouts by experienced fencers, as well as training for beginner fencers. For beginners, this course introduces the fencer to the French school of foil fencing. The five learning objectives are safety, basic movement, the simple attack, the parry riposte, and the compound attack. Lessons for all levels will consist of group instruction, supervised exchange drills and assaults. Students will need to provide their own equipment by the 4th week of class. You will need to have a French standard foil, mask, glove, and practice jacket. Please call 703-777-1368 for locations to purchase equipment.

Classes offered to ages 12 and up.

 To register for available fencing classes, please click HERE.