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Guitar Instruction

Below you will find a variety of Special Interest classes offered by the Town of Leesburg Parks and Recreation Department. From learning how to play the guitar to dog obedience, we have a variety of unique classes to meet your interests and needs.

Guitar Basics
(Ages 12 & up) If you’re brand new to the guitar or would like a refresher, this course specializes in adult and youth beginners on acoustic guitar. You will learn about the instrument, how to play various chords, and get comfortable playing with others.

Guitar: Taking the Next Step
(Ages 12 & up) Expand upon your basic knowledge and begin to learn more complex chords and notes to wow your friends and family, perform in school, rock a house show, or just be able to play along with your favorite artists!

Guitar: Advanced
(Ages 12 & up) Take your knowledge to guitar star status while continuing to learn complex chords and notes. Impress family and friends with not only your ability to play along your favorite songs but to improvise and create your own.

Foundations of Digital Photography
(Ages 12 & up) Buttons and dials, exposure triangle, tips for better images, introduction to composition and perspective, and more. Required: DSLR or Bridge Camera.

Advanced Digital Photography & Adobe Lightroom
(Ages 12 & up) Review of the foundations, advanced shooting techniques, composition and perspective, finding and utilizing all types of light, and friendly photo critiques.. Required: DSLR, Bridge, Mirrorless, or Advance Point & Shoot.

Visual Programming with Scratch - C3Cyber Club
(Ages 6-9)
If students are interested in creating video games, they will need to learn the basics of how games work both artistically and with technology. Scratch, made in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has excellent visual programming tools and graphics editor to allow students to build a game they will love while learning.

Virtual Reality Game Design with Unity - C3Cyber Club
(Ages 10-14)
Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology. Students will learn how to create their very own 3D environments and design a VR game using Unity and the Samsung Gear VR. Children will utilize various concepts, such as scenes, assets, triggers, and scripting, in order to create a functioning game.

Minecraft Modding- C3Cyber Club
(Ages 10-14)
Students will learn how to create their own custom gameplay items and elements using MCreator and Minecraft.

Chess - Silver Knights Enrichment
(Ages 5-12) Learn to play chess from professional instructors.  Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies.  Students are paired against opponents with similar skills for games and instructional activities.

Coding Club- Silver Knights Enrichment
(Ages 5-12) Children learn to create stories, games, and animations using a visual programming language called Scratch. With Scratch, children learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. This curriculum teaches new coders the basics while challenging more experienced coders to create increasingly complex programs.


Private Voice Lessons
(Ages 16 & up)
Students learn the rudimentary concepts of healthy singing techniques such as good posture, proper diction, and the use of the lower abdominal and diaphragm muscles to facilitate relaxed and deep breathing for singing and the ability to sing with the “whole body.” Students will develop these basic skills by singing simple and fun vocal exercises and learning popular musical theater and folk songs for maximum enjoyment of good singing. Private Voice Lessons request forms may now be submitted online

Private Keyboarding/Piano
(Ages 6 & up)
Provides the beginning piano student with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of piano performance and knowledge of basic music theory and musicianship. All students must have home access to a keyboard/piano for practice purposes.

Private Guitar Lessons
(Ages 6 & up)
Individual guitar lessons that will teach fundamentals of the guitar, including but not limited to: basic guitar chords, note reading, and music theory.


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