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Ballet Circle

Below you will find a variety of Dance classes for youths and adults offered by the Town of Leesburg Parks and Recreation Department. Dance classes are designed to teach one or a combination of jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, and creative movement. A mixture of adult ballroom dance classes are also offered.



Ballet I
(Ages 5-6)
Children will learn the basics of formal ballet. Posture, positions, and style will be introduced and strengthened. Ballet is a fun way to teach your child the importance of daily physical activities. Children will be introduced to music rhythm and working basic technique. Parents are invited to observe the last class.

Dance, Jazz, & Hip Hop Combo
(Ages 2-4)
Great for both boys & girls, students will learn basic popping & locking hip hop moves, rhythm, & terminology. Jazz & dance combinations will be taught each week. Leotard or exercise attire, & clean sneakers recommended. 

Dance & Play
(Ages 3-5)
This class mixes creative dance activities with fun games and is designed to help pre-school age children with developing their motor skills, balance, and rhythm in a fun and highly interactive environment. 

Intermediate Teen Ballet
(Ages 13-18)
This class continues on from the teachings in the basic class and begins to incorporate more advanced techniques and styles. Performance opportunities may be available, but are not mandatory for registrants.

Jazz Mini Dancers
(Ages 3-5)
This introductory class will focus on fundamentals of dance movement through exploration of direction, level, speed, and rhythm. Students will begin to understand movement concepts of isolation and coordination. They will learn basic jazz steps and simple combinations set to fun, upbeat, contemporary music in an age appropriate setting which focuses on fun and creativity.

(Ages 3-5)
This is an introductory course for tots interested in ballet. The class will simplify all movements to prepare your child to participate in Ballet I. Parents are invited to observe the last class.

Ballet & Dance
(Ages 2-4)
Alternating between ballet and dance, students will engage in socialization and basic ballet and dance terminology.

Teen Ballet Basics
(Ages 13-18)
For teens who have always wanted to take ballet, but never had the chance and students who want to improve technique. Ballet is great training for gymnasts, color guard, preparing for the school musical, and more. Performance opportunities may be available, but not mandatory for registrants.



Wedding Dance


Beginner Ballet for Adults
(Ages 18 & up) 
This beginning class is a great way to stay limber and to strengthen muscles and posture. Performance may opportunities may be available, but not mandatory.

Contemporary/Modern Dance
(Ages 18 & up)
This technique class offers barre and floor exercises in a variety of contemporary/modern styles. Complete dances and improvisation will also be introduced. Open to all levels. Performance may opportunities may be available, but not mandatory.

Ballroom 101
(Ages 18 & up)
Don’t know your Waltz from your Rumba? Want to know the difference between Cha Cha and Salsa? Then this class is for you. Ballroom 101 is a non-cumulative 8-week course. Each week we will focus on the basics of one dance including Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, and Merengue. Get a taste of all of these dances and take your first steps towards being a ballroom dancer!

Around the World Folk Dancing
(Ages 12 & up) 
This class is intended for all ages and will cover both traditional ethnic dance, as well as, newer iterations that stem from easy folk patterns. The class will be conducted according to the interests of those who sign up, with focus on dances from their ethnic background and diverse levels of experience and ability. Come prepared with a smile with room for expansion.

Intermediate Ballet for Adults
(Ages 18 & up) 
This intermediate class is a great way to build upon techniques learned in the beginners class and to add more to the routine that helps you stay limber while strengthening your muscles and posture. Performance may opportunities may be available, but not mandatory.

Intermediate/Advance Ballet for Adults
(Ages 18 & up) 
A great way to stay limber and to strengthen muscles and posture. Designed for the intermediate level, but all are welcome. Performance may opportunities may be available, but not mandatory.

Specialty Dance Styles
(Ages 18 & up)
Throughout the year we will rotate specialty dance classes.  These classes include: Tango I & II, Cha Cha I & II, Waltz I & II, Swing I & II, etc.   Please check our guide to see which specific dances are being offered during the current session.

Dance Socials
(Ages 16 & up)
Dance the night away and learn a few new moves at our monthly dance social. This is a perfect opportunity to practice the skills you’ve learned in the past or to check out some new steps you might be interested in learning. Jason Conrad, Ida Lee’s dance instructor, will take you through a great dance lesson the first hour then let you take it to the floor. Refreshments will be provided.   



Private Dance Lessons
(Ages 18 & up)
Private lessons are available through Ida Lee Park Recreation Center. Whether it’s for an upcoming dance, for a special party, or just because you have always wanted to learn, now is your chance! Private Dance Request forms may now be submitted online.

Wedding Couples Dance Lessons
(Ages 18 & up)
Couples will learn 2 dances – their first dance and their dance of choice for the reception. If you bring in your wedding song, the instructor will create a dance. If you’re not sure where to start, the instructor can provide music and dance suggestions to make your special day one you’ll never forget. Private Dance Request forms may now be submitted online.

To register for available dance classes, please click HERE.

For additional information, please contact our Recreation Program Supervisor.