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USTA League FAQ’s

Do you have to be a USTA member?

Yes, you must be a USTA member in order to participate. Membership is approximately $45 per player and must be paid to the USTA before joining any team. This can be completed online at:

What is the USTA League fee?

This is an administrative fee that the USTA charges you to play on a USTA league. The fee is approximately $25 per player. Ida Lee does not receive this fee. This can be completed online at:

What is the USTA Team Practice fee?

This goes toward court costs as well as the cost for instructors for your team practices here at Ida Lee.  The number of weeks in each session may vary due to holidays, etc. You must sign up for the whole session. Sign-up using the appropriate code listed in the winter and spring Leesburg at Leisure.  You must attend only the session that you sign-up for. No substitutes, splitting of spots or make-ups for practices are allowed. It is not mandatory to sign-up and participate in team practices but it is strongly encouraged in order to improve your skills and improve camaraderie among you and your teammates prior to league play.

Team Member’s Responsibilities

  • Commitment to fellow players on all teams by competing in a fun and competitive atmosphere during the season under the direction of your coach and team captains.
  • Let your captain know the dates you will not be available to play. Block out the District, Section, and National Championship dates on your calendar.
  • Provide information in a timely manner that your captain needs to confirm your eligibility for play.
  • Be knowledgeable of the Rules of Tennis and The Code of Conduct, in addition to the USTA National, Section, and Local League Regulations.
  • Always be on time.
  • Pay all fees in a timely manner.
  • Be supportive of your teammates and remember that the main objective of the USTA League Program is FUN!