Adult Tennis Classes and Programs

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Experience the Ida Lee Park Tennis Center. We offer a wide variety of classes, academies, and more. Whether you are a top-level player looking for one-on-one instruction or new to the game, we have something for you! If you are not sure which class you should enroll your child in, please speak with the tennis staff before you enroll to help evaluate your child. Please come with a tennis racquet and proper tennis attire including shoes for tennis. No running shoes are permitted.

In the event of inclement weather, decisions on tennis classes will be made one hour prior to the start of the class. Late cancellations may occur due to unpredictable weather conditions. Remember that although it may not be raining at the time of your class, earlier rain may have left the courts unplayable. Please call 703-737-7166 for inclement weather information.

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Adult Tennis Classes and Programs:

1.0-1.5 Adult Tennis (Ages 18 & up)
This class is for players that have just started playing tennis or a player that has limited playing experience and is still working primarily on getting the ball into play. 

2.0-2.5 Adult Tennis (Ages 18 & up)
The players in this class need on-court experience.  They are familiar with basic positions of singles and doubles play.  The students can sustain a slow rally with players of similar ability.

3.0 Adult Tennis (Ages 18 & up)
The players in this class are consistent when hitting medium pace shots, but are not comfortable with all strokes and lacks control when trying for directional intent, depth, or power.

3.5 Adult Tennis (Ages 18 & up) 
The players in this class have achieved improved stroke dependability and direction on moderate pace shots, but still lack depth and variety. This player exhibits more aggressive net play, has improved court coverage and is developing teamwork in doubles. 

4.0 and Above Adult Tennis (Ages 18 & up)
The players in this class have dependable strokes, including directional intent, on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate shots, plus the ability to use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success. This player occasionally forces errors when serving and teamwork in doubles is evident. 

Adult Drop-In Clinics (Ages 18 & up)
These clinics are designed to keep your game sharp with an emphasis on covering all of the basic strokes and conditioning. Please observe the skill levels required for the clinics as these are high-intensity workouts. Classes are on a week-by-week basis; please see sign up sheet in the tennis bubble.

Cardio Tennis (Ages 18 & up)
This is a heart pumping work out for anyone looking to move their feet, hit lots of tennis balls, and have fun. Clinics work on footwork, endurance, agility, and cardio fitness. Classes are on a week-by-week basis; please see sign up sheet in the tennis bubble. All skill levels welcome.

Pro Work Out (Ages 18 & up)
Enjoy a high intensity class where you will hit hundreds of tennis balls and focus on footwork, conditioning, and strategy. This program is designed for advanced players, a skill level of 3.5 or higher is required. Advanced registration is not required.

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