Pool Rules

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Rock-Wall General Information

  1. Lifeguards are here for your safety.
  2. Lifeguards will enforce the rules to the best of their ability while striving to maintain a high level of safety and consistency. However, please be aware that some exceptions to this list may arise.
  3. Lifeguards have been empowered with the authority to make decisions and enforce facility rules. Please give them the respect they deserve.
  4. Please be aware that the acoustics are poor in the pool area and it is necessary for a lifeguard to raise her/his voice in order to correct the situation. Please do not interpret this as rudeness or a personal attack.

Lifeguard Signals

  1. One short whistle blast is intended to get the attention of a patron. Please direct your attention to the lifeguard if you hear one short whistle blast.
  2. One long continuous whistle is a signal to clear the pool. Please direct your attention to the lifeguards for information concerning evacuation of the pool.


General Pool Rules

  1. All swimmers must take soap showers before using the pool.
  2. No street shoes are allowed in enclosed pool area.
  3. Foul language will not be tolerated in the pool area, locker rooms or sundeck.
  4. Persons with any skin disease, open wounds, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes or any communicable disease are not allowed in the pool.
  5. Children not toilet trained must wear, swim diapers and snug plastic pants under swimsuits. No regular diapers. 
  6. Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool. White T-shirts may be worn in the pool at the discretion of the lifeguard, providing they are clean and do not pose a safety hazard.
  7. Running, Pushing, splashing and/or horseplay are prohibited at all times in the enclosed area.
  8. No diving into water less than 5 feet in depth. No back dives or flips from the side of the pool in any depth of water.
  9. No glass containers or breakable objects allowed in locker room or in pool area.
  10. Food, drinks, smoking and chewing gum are permitted on the outside sundeck only.
  11. Persons unable to pass a swimming proficiency test may be restricted to water not over their shoulders. Swimming test consists of ability to swim 25 yards in good form, ability to tread water for 30 seconds.
  12. Ida Lee is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  13. Shoes and shirts are required outside of the pool and locker rooms.
  14. No organized activities shall be permitted in the open swim areas of the pools unless sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation.
  15. Only authorized staff is allowed in the chemical room, filter room, and pool office.
  16. Actions and conduct of an organized group are the responsibility of the group leader(s). Misconduct of individuals may cause dismissal of the entire group.
  17. No Public Displays of Affection will be tolerated.
  18. The pool office is not to be used as an access way from the pool deck. Only staff and those people using the unisex room are permitted.
  19. Classes will meet on pool bleachers.
  20. Do not stand on pool bleachers or benches.
  21. Do not use vending area door as an access way to and from the pool deck.
  22. Do not block vending area door, this is an emergency exit.
  23. Spitting in either pool or the spa is prohibited.
  24. Please be courteous to other patrons. Activities should not be intrusive to other facility users.
  25. Children 5 years of age and under must be accompanied in the pool with a paying adult. Children 6 - 9 years of age must have a parent on the pool deck. Children ages 10 and older can use the pool without supervision.


Auxiliary Pool Rules:

The Auxiliary Pool is intended to be an area for physical therapy, rehabilitation, light exercise, and relaxation. The pool staff may ask people not using the Auxiliary Pool for its intended purpose to move their activities to the Main Pool. All pool rules will be enforced. In addition, persons using the Auxiliary Pool are reminded:

  1. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult in the water at all times.
  2. No diving permitted.
  3. Running, splashing, and/or horseplay are prohibited at all times in the enclosed area.
  4. Children ages 10-15 are not permitted to use the Auxiliary Pool without a valid doctor’s excuse.
  5. Children not potty trained must wear 2 forms of protection (i.e. swim diaper and rubber pants) under their swimsuit.
  6. Persons with any skin disease, open wounds, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes or any communicable diseases are not allowed in the pool.
  7. Persons with respiratory or cardiopulmonary problems should not use the pool.
  8. Persons having any considerable areas of exposed sub-skin tissue, open blisters, cuts, sunburns, etc. are warned that these are likely to become infected.