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KIDS CORNER CHILDCARE                                                                                            


 Monday-Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm
4:00pm - 7:30pm
 Saturday 8:30am - 1:30pm
 Sunday 9:00am - 1:30pm
$5.00 per child per visit
$30.00 for a 10 visit pass
$75.00 for a 25 visit pass

Child care is a service provided to parents who are attending a class or attending their child's class. Child care is not provided for parents attending special events, specials programs, or rentals.

• Ida Lee reserves the right to limit the number of infants in child care at any time.
• Parents must remain in the building at all times with the exception of the tennis courts. If parent is using the tennis court facility, the parent must have an Ida Lee pager on them at all times.

Time Limit:  2 hours, per visit, per child

Age Range:  3 months to 10 years

Maximum Number of Kids: up to 10 children per 1 attendant; up to 20 children per 2 attendants

General Usage Procedures:
• Ida Lee reserves the right to remove children who are perceived to pose a danger to themselves or others or have been upset/crying for 10 minutes.
• The parent that drops off the child is responsible for picking up the child.
• For security reasons, parents are not permitted in the child care room. Parents are asked to line up in an orderly fashion while dropping off or picking up their child.
• Please remember to feed your child and to give him/her a fresh diaper prior to utilizing the childcare; as staff is not responsible for feeding your child or changing your child’s diapers. Parent will be notified if a changing is required.

Sick Child Policy:
•No child will be admitted into childcare if he/she shows signs of illness.
Examples include, but are not limited to:
     · Fever
     · Runny nose (with yellow or green tint or constant wiping)
     · Cough
     · Rash
     · Discharge from eyes
     · Even if your child is on antibiotics AND shows any of the above symptoms they will not be allowed to enter the childcare.
• If your child starts to show any of these symptoms while attending childcare, the staff will notify the parents and have the child removed from the childcare room. This policy is enforced for the welfare of all children and staff.
• If a child stays home from school because he/she is sick, they will not be permitted into the childcare room.

Discipline Problems:
• Childcare attendants will handle discipline problems the following way:
     · Redirect the child; if that does not work they will then:
     · Place the child in time out (one minute for each year of the child’s age)
     · If the above 2 options do not work, you will then be asked to take care of the situation.   If the child is still “acting” up, you will be asked to remove the child from childcare immediately.
• Please note: a child who has a consistent discipline or listening problem will not be permitted into childcare. The length not permitted into childcare will be at the discretion of the childcare attendants and the Center Supervisor.
• Please note: if your child bites, both, you and the parents of the child that was bitten will be notified and your child will be immediately removed from child care for the day. If your child bites a second time, he/she will be removed from childcare immediately and will not be permitted in childcare for 6 months.

Wrist Bands:
• All children in childcare will be required to wear a wristband. This is for safety reasons. A wristband with detachable stub will be provided. The wristband and the stub have matching numbers used for identification. The wristband will be placed around the child’s wrist and the parent will have the “stub” portion. Upon picking the child up, the parent must give the matching stub to the childcare attendant to sign out.

Food/Drink Policy:
• Food for Snack Purposes Only: For cleanliness reasons, the only food permitted in childcare will be plain crackers and plain cereals. (Examples: cheerios, non-frosted or animal crackers)
• Sippy cups: are permitted in childcare if they are filled with water.
• Infant Bottles: are permitted with formula. No milk please.
• All food, sippy cups and bottles must be clearly labeled with the child’s name on it. We will not permit children to drink or eat food without the container being labeled.
• Peanut or products containing peanuts and candy are NOT PERMITTED.

Toy/Movie Policy:
• Toys and movies from home are not permitted in the childcare center.
• Ida Lee is not responsible for lost/stolen or broken items that are brought into the child care room.
•All movies that we show have a “G” rating.

Late Pick Up Policy:
• Parent will be accessed a $5.00 late fee for every five minute increment that they are late. If parents continually pick up the child(ren) late then they will be suspended from child care for 6 months.