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Fitness Classes For Kids
Get your kids started on a lifelong affinity for fitness with Ida Lee’s Kids’ Fitness Classes! Our programs offer fun, recreational fitness programs for all kids from tots to teens. These programs build strong bodies while kids have a blast! Here are some of the kids’ fitness classes that we offer throughout the year.

Kids in Motion
(Ages 4-5 & 6-10) This class will get kid’s hearts pumping and muscles moving. Balance, coordination, strength, and cardiovascular fitness will improve with age appropriate activities like crazy circuit training, musical steps, and outrageous obstacle courses. All fitness levels welcome!

Physical Education for Kids
(Ages 4-7 & 8-14) In this class kids will learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and the enjoyment of physical activity. Kids will play their way to a healthier body through soccer, volleyball, basketball, kickball, plus a few non-traditional games. This class will be based in the gym, but may be outside when the weather permits.

Youth Weight Room Certification
(Ages 12-15) If you are ages 12 to 15 and are serious about looking better, feeling better, getting stronger and healthier, GET CERTIFIED!!! In this class you will learn the rules of the fitness room and how to use the free weights and cardio machines. Students will also learn how to design their own program with emphasis on muscle strengthening, muscular endurance, and weight management. Youths with a certification card on file may workout in the fitness center unsupervised. In order to take this class you must pre-register at least 3 days before and you must attend all four sessions. 4, 60-minute classes.

To register for available kids fitness classes, please click here.

For additional information, please contact our Fitness Supervisor at 703-737-2383.


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