Aquatic Fitness

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Aquatic Fitness
Ida Lee offers several aquatic fitness classes throughout the year!

Aqua Fitness Passes:
Eager to try one of our aqua fitness classes but not sure where to begin? TRY A DROP-IN PASS! Passes can be purchased at the front desk and must be used within 90 days of purchase. No refunds will be issued for unused passes and the number of pass holders in the class may be limited by class size. Please contact the front desk at 703-777-1368 for more details.
• Multiple Drop-in Pass: $200 for 20 visits
• Daily Drop-in Pass: $11.00 per class

Absolute Abs
(Ages 16 & up) Target your core in this warm water class that focuses on training the abdominal and lower back muscles. By using the legs in multi-dimensional movement patterns, you will develop a stronger midsection to stabilize your torso and improve your balance and posture. 30-minute classes.

To register for available Absolute Abs classes please click here.

Aqua Power
(Ages 16 & up) Develop your coordination, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance through the use of noodles, dumbbells, and other aquatic fitness equipment. Working against shallow water currents will constantly challenge the core muscles, leading to improvements in balance as well.  50-minute classes.

To register for available Aqua Power classes please click here.

Arthritis Exercise
(Ages 16 & up) Use water walking and Arthritis Foundation exercises to move all major joints and facilitate activities of daily living. Improve balance, strength, and endurance while having fun in this warm water class.  50-minute classes.

To register for available Arthritis Exercise classes please click here.

Deep Water 
(Ages 16 & up) This class places an emphasis on the water’s natural resistance to enhance overall fitness. The use of flotation equipment allows you to increase your intensity level without increasing the impact on your joints. Prerequisite: Must be comfortable in deep water.  50-minute classes

To register for available Deep Water classes please click here.

Master Splash
(Ages 16 & up) Stay active by working through range-of-motion and strengthening exercises that are easy on the joints. In this class you will enhance functional fitness for improved quality of life. 50-minute classes.

To register for available Master Splash classes please click here.

Aqua Zumba
(Ages 16 & up) Aqua Zumba® is a safe, effective, and challenging water-based workout that integrates the Zumba formula and philosophy into traditional aqua fitness.
Don't be fooled, this is not your normal aqua class. The movements are challenging and you can feel your muscles working against the resistance of the water. Latin dance rhythms are incorporated into this class.  50-minute classes.

To register for available Aqua Zumba classes please click here.

H2O Low
(Ages 16 & up) Establish a fitness base in the water with low intensity walking and jogging, along with other aerobic movements. Compliment your cardiovascular conditioning with strength training, abdominal exercises, and relaxing stretches. 50-minute classes

To register for available H2O Low classes please click here.

Aqua Pump
(Ages 16 & up) Use webbed gloves, barbells, and buoyancy cuffs to boost the challenge of water exercises. In this dynamically paced class you will gain endurance and strength, leading to higher energy levels and improved body composition. 50-minute classes.

To register for available Aqua Pump classes please click here.

Introduction to Water Exercise
(Ages 16 & up) Perfect for those new to water exercise.  This class will explore different types of water exercise classes and different types of equipment.  You will learn the most effective way to exercise in the water.  Class will have cardio, strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Participants will leave feeling comfortable in any type of aqua class setting.  50-minute classes.

To register for available Introduction to Water Exercise classes please click here.


For additional information, please contact our Fitness Supervisor at 703-737-2383.


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