Swim Class Information

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Review Class Descriptions and Prerequisites:
If you feel that you have a good understanding of what your child can do in the water and have observed them swimming recently, you may be able to determine what level is appropriate on your own. For example: If your child is 3 years old, a beginning swimmer, and is still getting used to the water, the appropriate class would be Waddler. As you read through the class descriptions and prerequisites for each class, you may be able to quickly determine what class is appropriate. If you are still not sure, please schedule a swimming assessment. Please note that if it has been more than 6 months since your child has been swimming it is recommended that you schedule a swimming assessment.

Infant and Toddler Class Descriptions       Youth Swim Class Descriptions        Adult Swim Class Descriptions

Registration Assistance for Swimming Classes:
It can sometimes be challenging to determine which class to select for swim registration. Often parents do not know how quickly their child will progress and have to register months in advance. Every child is uniquely different and may progress at a different pace. Here are some resources to help you register.

Schedule a Free Swimming Assessment
We offer free swimming assessments, one-on-one with an instructor to help you determine what class is appropriate for your child. Please contact 703-777-1368 to schedule an assessment. Each swim assessment takes approximately 10-15 minutes per child. We recommend that you schedule an assessment if any of the following apply to you:
• Have never taken lessons at Ida Lee before
• It has been more than 6 months since your last lesson ended
• If you are unsure of your child’s swimming ability level

Ask Your Current Swim Instructor
You may be in the middle of a swim session and registration has already started for a new one. An instructor may not be able to make a final decision on whether a child is ready to move to the next level until the end of the class, but he/she may be able to give you an indication of what to expect. An instructor may be able to guess based on how quickly the student is progressing so far and how many classes are still left in the session. Although it may still be a guess, it is an educated guess. Remember, it is very common for a child to repeat a class 2-3 or more times before they are ready to move to the next level.

If Your Child Has Turned 6 or 7 Years Old
When a child turns 6 years old, they will progress from the Preschool Program to the Learn-to-Swim Program. If your child has turned 6 years old and was recently recommended for Waddler, Floater, or Paddler, you should now register him/her for the Learn-to-Swim program. If your child has turned 6 years old and was recently recommend for Swimmer, Lap Swimmer, or Advanced Lap Swimmer, they can either continue to take these classes until they are 7 years old or take a Learn-to-Swim class. All children 7 years or over should take Learn-to-Swim classes.

Please use the following guide for registration. Classes listed on the same row as “=” have similar class descriptions and prerequisites, but are for different age groups.

Last Recommended: Now Register:
Waddler or Floater = Level 1
Paddler = Level 2
Swimmer = Level 3
Lap Swimmer = Level 3 or Level 4 (please consult instructor)
Adv Lap Swimmer = Level 4

First Day of Swim Class – Helpful Tips:

Please review the following information to help you prepare for the first day of class!

  • Participants should bring a swimming suit and towel to class. Participants may bring goggles to class, however, goggles are not recommended for the lower level classes. Please do not bring any flotation devices or toys from home, we have our own equipment that we use for classes! If you have your registration receipt, please bring it to class.
  • If your child is not potty trained, he/she must wear snug fitting plastic pants over a swim diaper. We sell the snug fitting plastic pants at the front desk.
  • When you enter Ida Lee, please notify the front desk that you are here for a swimming class. There is no admission fee to attend a swimming class. If you are planning to utilize the facility (gym, basketball courts, etc.) or free swim before/after class, you must pay a general admission fee if you are not a pass holder.
  • Please wait for your class to begin by the bleachers on the main pool deck. We will start the first class with some announcements and then introduce the instructors.
  • Parents/Guardians are welcome to sit on the bleachers or on any of the benches around the facility. We just ask that you not participate so that the instructor can get the full attention of all the students.
  • If your child is under 6 years old, a parent/guardian must remain on the pool deck during the class. If your child is between 6-9 years old, a parent/guardian must remain in the facility during the class.
  • If there is anything that you feel that the instructor should know about your child, please talk to the instructor before/after the first class.