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ADULT SWIM (Ages 13 years & up):

It is never too late to learn to swim! Ida Lee offers classes for adults at all different skill levels.

All of these classes are held at the Ida Lee Indoor Pool. For more information about programs offered at the outdoor pool, please look under the AV Symington Aquatic Center.

Adult Beginner Swimming
(Ages 13 & up) Overcome your hesitation with water at a comfortable pace while learning basic elements of swimming. This class focuses on water adjustment, breath control, floating, gliding, and beginning to learn front crawl and back crawl. Prerequisite: A desire to learn. To register for available Adult Beginner swim classes please click here.

Adult Advanced Beginner Swimming
(Ages 13 & up) Now that you are comfortable in the water and have learning some basic skills, build on your knowledge while learning new skills. Skills include front crawl, back crawl, rotary breathing, breaststroke kick, deep water adjustment, and treading water. Prerequisite: Must be comfortable in water and swim 5 yards on front and back. To register for available Adult Advanced Beginner swim classes please click here.

Adult Intermediate Swimming

(Ages 13 & up) Improve on your stroke technique with the strokes you know and learn new strokes! Develop your technique with front and back crawl to swim longer distances. Also, learn breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke. This class is mostly taught in deep water. Prerequisite: Comfort in deep water and swim 10-15 yards of front and back crawl. To register for available Adult Intermediate swim classes please click here.

Adult Stroke Refinement/Conditioning
(Ages 16 & up) Become a stronger and faster swimmer by learning how to improve your stroke, breathing, and turns for more efficiency. Build your endurance by doing drills to become a stronger distance swimmer. Prerequisite: Swim 50 yards of any stroke in good form.  To register for available Adult Stroke Refinement swim classes please click here.

Masters Swim

(Ages 16 & up) This is a great conditioning class for experienced swimmers or anyone wanting to participate in a group swim team atmosphere. Perfect your strokes, meet new people, and feel better than ever. Conducted in water that is maintained between 83-85 degrees.  To register for available Master Swim swim classes please click here.