Tax Relief

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Annual Real Estate Assessments and Tax Relief Eligibility are determined by the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue.  If you are eligible and approved, Loudoun County will contact the Town of Leesburg so that your real estate account status can be updated for tax relief.

Elderly & Disabled Tax Relief: Leesburg property owners over age 65 or those who are permanently and totally disabled may apply for an exemption from Town real estate and personal property taxes. Citizens who qualify for tax relief also receive a 25 percent reduction in water and sewer charges.

Eligibility: Must have a combined total income of less than $72,000, and a net combined financial worth of less than $440,000, excluding their house and up to ten acres of land.

Annual Application Deadline: April 1
First time Loudoun County Applications must be received by December 31.

More information about Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled (external link to Loudoun County).

Disabled Veterans Tax Relief: In 2011, the Virginia General Assembly enacted legislation which provides an exemption from Town of Leesburg real estate taxes on the principal dwelling and up to three acres for veterans with 100 percent service-connected, total and permanent disability. Veterans desiring an exemption on their Town of Leesburg real property tax are required to file the necessary form and provide qualifying documentation to the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue. The exemption is extended to the veteran’s surviving spouse, so long as the death of the veteran occurred on or after January 1, 2011, the real property is maintained as the survivor’s principal residence, and he or she does not remarry. More information about Tax Relief for Disable Veterans (external link to Loudoun County website)