Taxes, Fines & Fees

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Property Taxes

Real estate taxes are calculated on 100 percent of fair market value of the property, as assessed by the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue. Town of Leesburg property owners pay both Town of Leesburg and Loudoun County real estate taxes.

All vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, campers and trailers, registered to a Town of Leesburg address are subject to personal property taxes.

In addition, all vehicles garaged in the Town will pay an annual licensing fee which will be included on your yearly Personal Property Tax Bill. 

Business Taxes

Most businesses, including home-based businesses are required to have a Town of Leesburg business license and to pay the annual license tax, which is based on gross receipts.

All business owners, including home-based businesses, must file a business tangible personal property tax return and asset list annually.

Consumer Taxes

The Town of Leesburg levies the following consumer taxes:

  • Cigarettes - 75 cents per pack
  • Meals & Beverage and Prepared Foods - 3.5%
  • Short-term Rentals - 1%
  • Transient Occupancy - 6% on the total room rate. An additional 2% regional tax goes to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority
  • Utilities - 16% of the first $15 of net charge per month for electric, gas & phone service

All consumer taxes are paid at time of purchase and remitted by the business on behalf of the consumer.