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Solicitation #Project NamePosting DateSubmission DeadlineStatus
IFB 500630/640-FY14-10CHEMICALS - Water and Wastewater 12/03/2013 2:00 PM01/06/2014 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB 500640-FY15-0-5Sludge Removal Services at Kenneth B Rollins Water Treatment Plant05/01/2014 10:30 AM05/28/2014 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB NO 01302-FY12-01South King Street Widening - PH I (Greenway Dr to Governors Dr)10/11/2011 10:00 AM11/23/2011 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No 09302-FY12-01Woodberry Rd Drainage and St Improvements06/23/2011 12:00 PM07/13/2011 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No 09503-FY11-01Navigational Aids Upgrades03/23/2011 11:00 AM04/20/2011 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB No 100161-FY12-01Parking Enforcement and Management System06/10/2011 4:00 PM06/21/2011 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB NO 100161-FY12-02Outsourced Billing Services02/15/2012 12:00 PM03/22/2012 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB No 100161-FY13-03Custodial Services09/06/2012 9:30 AM10/16/2012 4:00 PMAwarded
IFB No 100313-FY11-042011 Street Milling and Resurfacing04/25/2011 8:00 AM05/19/2011 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB No 100313-FY12-03Pavement Marking Services07/29/2011 5:00 PM08/15/2011 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB No 100314-FY11-02Fuel Island Upgrade - Central Maintenance Facility05/16/2011 12:00 PM06/01/2011 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No 100415-FY12-01Fitness Equipment Maintenance - 201205/19/2011 4:00 PM06/06/2011 3:00 PMAwarded
IFB No 52406-FY12-01Leesburg Executive Airport Pavement Repairs03/09/201203/28/2012 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No. 05302-FY14-01Edwards Ferry Road at Route 15 Bypass Right Turn Lane Improvements01/03/201401/23/2014 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No. 05303-FY12-01Lowenbach Subdivision Roadway Improvements - Phase III - Prince Street05/09/201206/07/2012 4:00 PMAwarded
IFB No. 05303-FY14-01Lowenbach Roadway Improvements Phase IV - Storm Drainage Improvements08/08/201308/27/2013 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No. 05303-FY14-03Lowenbach Subdivision Roadway Improvements Phase V - Blue Ridge Avenue, Queen Street and Washington Street04/24/201405/16/2014 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No. 06306-FY19-23Tuscarora Creek Stream Restoration & Flood Mitigation12/13/2018 4:08 PM01/29/2019 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No. 06401-FY14-01Edwards Ferry Waterline Improvements - Harrison Street to East Market Street01/16/201401/28/2014 3:30 PMAwarded
IFB No. 06401-FY16-21East Market Street Waterline Improvements03/24/2016 11:05 AM04/14/2016 3:30 PMAwarded
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