Finance Department FAQs

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  • Real Estate Taxes

    • When are Real Estate Taxes due?

    • How is real estate tax calculated?

    • What is the current tax rate?

    • What is the Town's Policy regarding those who have a power of attorney for a family member or is the executor of an estate for taxes and water and sewer bills?

    • I would like to get a copy of how much real estate taxes I paid.

    • Who do I contact regarding a change of address and/or tax billing status ?

    • How are penalty and interest calculated on delinquent real estate tax?

    • I am past due on my Real Estate account, what can I do?

    • I pay a Mortgage but I just received a delinquent bill, what should I do?

    • I pay a Mortgage but I received my Real Estate Tax bill, what should I do?

    • Who do I contact to apply for Real Estate Tax Relief ?

    • Is there a tax relief program?

    • How is my property assessed?

    • What are Real Estate Taxes?

    • Why am I responsible for the entire tax bill although I just bought the property recently?

    • What if I do not receive a Real Estate tax bill?