West Market-Loudoun-Morven Park Road Study

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West Mkt-Loudoun-Morven Park Rd 2009 Study Cover

West Market Street and Loudoun Street SW intersect at an acute angle approximately ½ mile west of downtown. Less than 400 feet east of this intersection, Morven Park Road intersects with both of the streets. This unusual intersection configuration, combined with increased traffic volumes has raised concerns regarding safety and congestion (aerial view).

In 1997, the Downtown Traffic Study was completed to comprehensively evaluate traffic operations and circulation patterns in the entire downtown Leesburg. That study provided a conceptual evaluation of several alternatives to improve the West Market Street / Loudoun Street / Morven Park Road intersection.

In 2008, the Town prepared a more comprehensive study of the intersection which evaluated traffic congestion, accidents, pedestrian movements, and potential impacts to adjacent property. This study compared alternatives based on:

  • Intersection capacity;
  • Vehicular safety;
  • Pedestrian safety; and
  • Feasibility (property impacts, utility impacts, construction impacts, and costs).

West Mkt-Loudoun-Morven Park Rd Study 2The report concluded that major reconstruction of the intersection is not warranted at this time. However, short term, low cost improvements should be considered to improve traffic operations and safety.

The report recommends that the intersection be reconstructed when warranted by traffic conditions. The recommended alternative would include the following:

  • Realign Loudoun Street to intersect with West Market Street at a right angle Morven Park Road. This will eliminate the acute skew at the existing intersection.        
  • Install a traffic signal at the realigned West Market Street / Morven Park Road / Loudoun Street intersection. This will improve safety and capacity of the intersection.
  • Add a right turn lane to eastbound West Market Street, for vehicles turning onto the realigned Loudoun Street. This will also improve capacity of the intersection and reduce delays.
  • Complete sidewalks, and add crosswalks and pedestrian signals at the intersection. This will improve pedestrian safety, especially for residents wishing to walk to Ida Lee Park.
  • Remove the segment of Loudoun Street between Market Street and Morven Park Road – This segment of pavement will no longer be needed, and removal will provide a green area that will improve aesthetics.


West Mkt-Loudoun-Morven Park Rd Study 1Current Status:

The feasibility study was completed in March 2009.  To view the full report, click on the image at the top of the page.

The project is not programmed in the current Capital Improvement Program (CIP). It is, however, included in a listing of “Potential Future Capital Projects” that may be considered for inclusion in the CIP, based on funding availability and priorities of the Town Council.

Staff Contact:  Tom Brandon 703-737-6067