Lawson Road Trail Crossing Study

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Lawson Rd Ped Bridge Study 2009 Cover

Lawson Road is a neighborhood street located in southeast Leesburg. The permanent roadway ends in cul-de-sacs on either side of Tuscarora Creek. Prior to fall 2009, a temporary unpaved crossing provided access across the stream and provided a vehicular and pedestrian connection between the residential areas located to the south and Route 7 and the W&OD Trail to the north (aerial view).  After the opening of Battlefield Parkway across the stream east of Lawson Road, the temporary crossing was closed to motor vehicles;  however, it remains open to pedestrians and bicycles.


Although the temporary crossing provides a beneficial outlet for the neighborhoods, it has a number of problems including (1) the crossing is inundated and impassable during periods of high water; and (2) during flood periods, the gravel road surface erodes, resulting in high maintenance and degradation of the stream channel.


At the request of residents, the Town prepared a study of the feasibility of providing a permanent crossing of Tuscarora Creek for pedestrians and bicycles. The preliminary study was presented to residents during a neighborhood meeting in November 2008. The study was completed in 2009 and recommended that a permanent asphalt trail be constructed between two cul-de-sacs. The project would include removal of the temporary roadway crossing, restoration of the stream channel to more natural conditions, and construction of a permanent low-water crossing.


Current Status:

The feasibility study was completed in February 2009.  To view the full report, please click on the image at the top of the page.

The project is not programmed in the current Capital Improvement Program (CIP). It is, however, included in a listing of “Potential Future Capital Projects” that may be considered for inclusion in the CIP, based on funding availability and priorities of the Town Council.

On 8/11/09, a news release announced the September 4, 2009, permanent closure of the crossing at Lawson Road over Tuscarora Creek to motorized traffic.  This crossing will remain open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only.  A new segment of Battlefield Parkway (Kinkaid to Route 7) opened in September 2009, and is serving as the new route to provide access to Route 7.


Staff Contact:

Tom Brandon 703-737-6067

Existing Lawson Road crossing:

Lawson Rd Existing Rd 1 Lawson Rd Existing Rd 2

 Lawson Road crossing during flood periods:

 Lawson Rd Flood 2 Lawson Rd Flood 1