Future Priority Projects

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The following list of priority future projects are for Town Council consideration based upon available funding and priorities. Each project includes a brief summary, estimated cost, and project status. The costs are only estimates and are subject to change based upon modifications in project scope, economic conditions, and timing. The projects are not listed in any particular order of significance.


Project Summary

Estimated Cost


Airport Remote Tower
Control Room

Costs associated with the purchase of equipment for the tower control room in the Loudoun County owned building on Miller Drive. Costs include computers, wiring, desks, servers associated with the remote tower project. State and Federal funding may be available to offset major costs.


Negotiating logistics
and scope.

Battlefield Parkway intersection
with Solitude Court
Left Turn Improvements
When Kincaid Boulevard is opened upon completion of Crosstrail Boulevard, additional traffic volumes are expected at the intersection of Battlefield Parkway with Kincaid Boulevard and Solitude Court. Left turns from Solitude Court to Battlefield Parkway are anticipated to be more difficult. Improvements to the intersection are being considered to mitigate these additional traffic volumes.  TBD  
Catoctin Circle/Edwards
Ferry Road Intersection
Traffic studies have shown that improvements to traffic flow are warranted at this intersection. A Loudoun County proffer in connection with the Courthouse
expansion project will partially fund the intersection improvements. Final decisions regarding the need for and type of improvements required was delayed until
completion of the Lowenbach Street improvement project (Project Number 05303). Implementation of this project will be based on an analysis of the impact of opening the neighborhood streets and the completion of the courthouse expansion.
TBD  Lowenbach subdivision
were completed in
2016. County
Courthouse expansion
is underway.
Analysis of the intersection will be conducted.

Chesapeake Bay TMDL Future Phases

Recently completed stormwater management pond retrofit projects and on‐going stream restoration projects will meet the short‐term Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Discharge Load (TMDL) requirements established by EPA and the state. Additional improvement projects will be required to meet long‐term goals.


Awaiting funding

E‐Citation Implementation Implementation of a e‐citation program in the Police Department that automates the citation issuance process and requires smart devices, software, and each
police cruiser to be equipped with a scanner/printer.
 TBD E‐Summons fees are being collected and
held in a reserve until sufficient funding is available.