Future Priority Projects

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The following list of priority future projects are for Town Council consideration based upon available funding and priorities. Each project includes a brief summary, estimated cost, and project status. The costs are only estimates and are subject to change based upon modifications in project scope, economic conditions, and timing. The projects are not listed in any particular order of significance.


Project Summary

Estimated Cost


Police Station Expansion

Expansion of the existing police station building to accommodate growth in the department staff and functions since the original construction of the facility nearly 20 years ago.


Space needs assessment originally prepared in 2011. Report will be updated in 2017.

Town Shop Expansion and Refurbishment

Expansion to and upgrade of the Department of Public Works & Capital Projects shop facilities, located on Russell Branch Parkway. The upgrade of the facilities are needed to accommodate consolidation of public works activities to provide more efficient operations.


Awaiting Funding

Battlefield Parkway/Route 15 Bypass Interchange

Development of a new grade‐separated interchange on North King Street (Route 15 Bypass) at Battlefield Parkway to reduce congestion at this existing at‐grade intersection which serves as a major regional commuter route. This project is included in the Town Council list of priority transportation improvements.


Awaiting funding

Improvements at Catoctin Circle / Edwards Ferry Road Intersection (07303)

Traffic studies have shown that improvements to traffic flow are warranted at this intersection. A Loudoun County proffer in connection with the courthouse expansion project will partially fund the intersection improvements. Final decisions regarding the need for and type of improvements required was delayed until completion of the Lowenbach Street improvement project (Project Number 05303). Implementation of this project will be based on an analysis of the impact of opening the neighborhood streets and the completion of the courthouse expansion.


Awaiting funding

Chesapeake Bay TMDL Future Phases

Existing project will only satisfy requirements for several years.


Awaiting funding