Water Pollution Control Plant Storage Tanks - Recoating and Rehabilitation

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Water Pollution Control Plant Storage Tanks - Recoating and Rehabilitation project information from Fiscal Year 2019 Budget (Project No. 18002)WPCF Storage Tanks Aerial

Construction Start Date: Spring 2018

Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2019

Project Manager: Amy Wyks 703-737-7119

Project Description:  Based on a recent tank inspection, the following improvements are required for facilities at the Water Pollution Control Facility:

  • Recoat and rehabilitate digested storage tank A,
  • Recoat and rehabilitate secondary clarifier B,
  • Recoat and rehabilitate digester B, and
  • Install new liners and recoat girders at emergency storage basins A and B.

In addition to these improvements, future improvements to the Water Pollution Control Facility may include rehabilitation and upgrade for six reactors , three primary basins, and three secondary basins. The  estimate for these additional improvements will be based on inspection and evaluation.

Project Updates:

As of March 18, 2019 - Design is underway.