Airport Runway 17 Approach Lighting (ODALS) Upgrade

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Airport Runway 17 Approach Lighting (ODALS) Upgrade project information from Fiscal Year 2019 Budget (Project No. 22NEW1) Airport Runway 17 Approach Lighting (ODALS) Upgrade Aerial

Construction Start Date: Summer 2022     

Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2023

Project Manager: Terry Yates 703-771-6671

Project Description:  Currently the Runway 17 approach to the airport is equipped with a partial omnidirectional approach lighting system (ODALS). Full ODALS consist of five sequenced white flashing lights in line with the runway and two runway end identifier lights. The existing ODALS has only three lights and is considered to be substandard. The improvements to the approach light system will assist pilots in determining the centerline of the runway on precision and non‐precision approaches.

Funding: The Federal Aviation Administration and Virginia Department of Aviation will fund 98% of the costs for this project as follows:

Airport Funding Pie 90/8/2



Project Updates: As of March 18, 2019 - There is no funding for this project until Fiscal Year 2022.