Airport Apron Paving

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Airport Apron Paving project information from Fiscal Year 2020 Budget (Project No. 23NEW1) Airport-Aerial-No-Project

Construction Start Date: Spring 2023     

Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2023

Project Manager: Terry Yates 703-771-6671

Project Description:  Mill and overlay existing aircraft apron area located south of the Terminal Building near the FBO Maintenance and Corporate Hangar. This approximately 46,000 square yard apron was identified in the 2015 Virginia Department of Aviation Pavement Management Update as currently having "fair" pavement condition, with a forecast of "poor" pavement condition prior to 2021. The apron provides 75 tie‐downs for based and transient aircraft, as well as taxi lanes for maneuvering aircraft to the hangar and terminal areas.

Funding: The Federal Aviation Administration and Virginia Department of Aviation will fund 98% of the costs for this project as follows:

Airport Funding Pie 90/8/2


Project Updates: As of February 5, 2020 - There is no funding for this project until Fiscal Year 2023.