Dry Mill-Wage-Anne Storm Improvements

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 Dry Mill Wage Anne Dry Mill Wage & Anne - Completed 1 

 Dry Mill Road Before Construction

 Dry Mill Road After Construction

Project Description: Improvements made to address street and drainage problems within the residential areas in the vicinity of Dry Mill Road, Wage Drive, and Anne Street. Improvements included development of a new drainage system to divert portions of the watershed away from the existing inadequate storm drain system serving Wage Drive and Anne Street.

The project included the following elements:

-    New curb and gutter and road improvements on Dry Mill Road near adjacent to the Loudoun County High School football field.  These improvements intercept drainage from the school that previously flowed across Dry Mill Road during heavy storms.

-    New storm drain pipe system from Dry Mill Road to the Route 7 Bypass.  This new pipe system was constructed primarily on the rear portion of the Leesburg Community Church property and behind the houses on the east side of Wage Drive.  There are inlets and a small drainage swale over the pipe which collect surface runoff before it reaches the rear yards of the Wage Drive houses.

 Dry Mill Wage & Anne - Completed 3

Improved Roadside Ditch Along Route 7 Bypass 

-    Improved roadside ditch along the Route 7 Bypass. 

Project Status:  This project was completed in fall 2012.

Staff Contact:  Tom Brandon 703-737-6067

Design Engineer:  Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP

Construction Contractors:  R L Rider & Company; Tessa Construction & Tech Co.