Airport Runway 17 Safety Area Grading

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Airport Runway 17 Grading Aerial

Project Description:  This project included grading of an area north of runway 17 to improve aircraft safety. FAA has established standards to provide a cleared and graded area beyond the end of the runway to improve safety. The area is to be clear of obstructions, graded to be free of major irregularities (such as ditches, hills, etc.), and stable enough to support occasional passage of aircraft, emergency and maintenance vehicles. The runway safety area north of runway 17 had drainage ditches and a portion of Tolbert Lane that was abandoned after construction of Battlefield Parkway.


Funding:  This project was funded through FAA and Virginia Department of Aviation grants, with a local match, as follows:

Airport Funding Pie 1

Current Status:  Construction was completed in summer 2014.
Staff Contact: Renee LaFollette 703-737-6071
Design Consultant:  Talbert & Bright, Inc.
Construction Contractor:  Branch Highways, Inc.