Airport Navigation Aids Upgrades

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Project Description:  The Leesburg Executive Airport has several facilities that assist aircraft in safely using the airport. Some of this equipment was outdated and no longer cost-effective to maintain and other equipment was needed to increase safety to pilots and to areas surrounding the airport. Accordingly, the following equipment was provided under this project:

Airport Nav Aids Upgrades - PAPI 1 Airport Nav Aids Upgrades - PAPI 2

PAPIs can be seen as four orange squares on right side of runway.

Close-up view of PAPIs.


  • Airport Nav Aids Upgrades - AWOS

    Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS)

    Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI) – These lights provide visual guidance to pilots landing at the airport. Currently, the airport has two PAPIs, one at each end of Runway 17-35. Each PAPI consists of four boxes of lights to guide the pilots. The existing PAPI equipment is outdated and no longer manufactured, making repairs and replacement parts extremely expensive. This project will replace the existing PAPIs at both ends of the runway.
  •  Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) – A computerized system to automatically measure certain weather parameters, analyzes the data, and transmits a report to pilots. This project will upgrade and relocate the existing AWOS.

Funding:  This project was identified in the then-current 6-year State Airport Capital Improvement Program. Funding for the new navigational aids was through FAA and Virginia Department of Aviation grants, with a local match, as follows:

  Airport Funding Pie 1

Current Status:  Construction was completed in January 2012.

Staff Contact:  Renee LaFollette 703-737-6071

Design Engineer:  CH2M Hill, Inc.

Inspection and Construction Management Services: Talbert and Bright, Inc.

Construction Contractor: Austin Electrical Construction, Inc.