Traffic Calming Program

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The Standing Residential Traffic Committee's program of work concentrates largely on pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures which attempt to slow traffic within residential communities with minimal or no restriction to access.

The Traffic Calming Program is initiated upon complaint of speeding (average speed is 31 m.p.h. or greater) in a residential neighborhood, request for $200.00 add-on penalties for speeding in a neighborhood, or when traffic calming measures are requested by one or more residents of a neighborhood or evaluation of the neighborhood for installation of such measures is requested by the Town Council.

Program Phases

The program consists of five sequential phases:

  1. Document speeding problem
  2. Community awareness and education
  3. Selective enforcement
  4. Non-physical devices (increased fines)
  5. Physical devices (curb bump outs, speed cushions, etc.)

Each phase of the program is evaluated for effectiveness.

The committee considers cut-through traffic restrictions, multi-way stop sign policies, through truck restrictions, 'Watch for Children' signs and the promotion of efficient transportation systems. The committee is also currently studying various traffic calming projects in each of the Town's quadrants to be considered by the Town Council for approval.

Traffic Calming Program Documents: