About the Diversity Commission

The mission of the Diversity Commission is to help foster diversity and inclusion within the community at large. The Commission's powers and duties are:

  • To make recommendations to the Town Council that potentially enhance the Town of Leesburg government's ability to communicate with and to deliver services more effectively to minority residents and business owners within the Town.
  • To work with the Leesburg Economic Development Commission and town staff on a regular outreach effort to the minority business community in order to increase awareness of town services and to understand potential opportunities to do business with the Town.
  • To make recommendations to the Town Council that provide the Town of Leesburg with the opportunity to enhance and celebrate the Town's diverse community.

Commission Members

  Term Ends
Enrique Gonzalez, Chair 2020
Pamela Butler 2020
Helen Eltzeroth 2018
Linda McCray 2018
Oliver Peters, Jr., Vice Chair 2020
Mary Randolph 2018
Michelle Vocke 2018
 Vanessa Maddox, Council Liaison  TERM
 Marty Martinez, Council Liaison  TERM

Group Email:

Staff Liaison: Betsy Arnett, Public Information Officer, accepts correspondence on behalf of the Diversity Commission.

Meeting Documents

Approved Diversity Commission meeting minutes and other Commission documents are available for download here.